Foster Youth Services

Foster Youth Services (FYS) is a program designed to serve the educational needs of children in foster care. FYS professionals have the authority and expertise to track down “lost” transcripts and assessments. FYS programs also provide academic tutoring at school or in the foster home, tailored to each foster student’s needs. Trained FYS staff provide academic counseling, consultation and resources to foster children, foster parents, group home staff and school personnel so that each child’s chances for school success are enhanced. Additionally, FYS incorporated programs that provide emancipation planning, employment search, and post-secondary education.

Foster Youth Services Staff

Foster Youth Program Administrator
Maya Webb, MSW

Individual Case Managers
Lead Social Worker: Mary Yeoman
Grades K-6: Cindy Briggs
Grades K-6: Kathleen Dixon
Grades K-6: Fantoya Hill
Grades K-6: Phuong Moffatt
Grades K-6: Torrey Thomas
Grades 7-10: Jill Aldana
Grades 7-10: Barbara Cortopassi
Grades 11-12: Jessica Larsen
Grades 11-12: Sangita Vakis
Calvine HS: Amy Yen
Daylor HS: Yvette Jackson
Rio Cazadero HS: Jennifer Brisco

Elementary Tutors
Cathy Boyd
Efren Cordial, Jr.
Laura Hancock
Alyssa Evangelista
Nancy Kinney
Anne Ledet
Estefania Mendoza
Andrea Moitoso
Jannie Thomas

Program Assistants
Elementary (West of 99)  Cathy Otterson
Elementary (East of 99)  Patricia Herrera
Grades 7-10  Jeannie Danahey
Grades 11-12 – Deborah Yokoi
K-12 Case Management Support  Sandra Yamamoto

Academic Records Assistance

Due to frequent moves a child in foster care experiences, transfer of their educational records may be delayed or lost. Foster Youth Services (FYS) provides an Educational Passport for all foster youth entering the Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD).

Assembly Bill 490, effective January 1, 2004 “all foster youth must be enrolled immediately into school.” The current caretaker is no longer required to provide immunizations, transcripts, etc. at the time of enrollment. In addition, a school may not refuse to enroll a foster child who does not have these documents in their possession at the time of enrollment. EGUSD FYS continues to provide the necessary supports to schools, foster parents and group homes that will ensure placement in the most appropriate educational setting. The EGUSD FYS program assistant will assemble a student’s educational information through the use of many resources (the foster youth, foster parent, prior school, social worker or probation officer) to ensure timely enrollment as determined by the California Education Code.


Foster children have a high incidence of gaps in their education. Tutoring support, utilizing various funding sources, focuses on assisting youth in a one-on-one or small group setting for academic support, special education service referrals (when appropriate) and graduation planning/assistance. Each student, when referred, will be academically assessed to determine eligibility for tutoring services. To qualify for tutoring each student must score at least 1-2 grade levels below their current grade level placement in either math or reading on the assessment tool currently utilized. In addition, a foster youth who qualified for tutoring must currently reside in a county licensed foster home, a certified foster family agency home or licensed group home located within the EGUSD boundaries. Funding is not available to provide assistance to students who have been previously identified as residing in either a guardianship or adoptive home.


Foster Youth Services provides training to group home staff/supervisors, foster family agencies and county licensed foster family parents upon request. In addition, training can be offered to all district staff in the area of new laws for foster youth, dependency information, etc, upon request.

Foster Youth Services
Maya Webb, MSW – Program Administrator

Main Phone:  (916) 686-7568
Main Fax: (916) 688-3689

Mailing Address:
Foster Youth Services
Elk Grove Unified School District
6300 Ehrhardt Avenue, T1 & T2
Sacramento, CA 95823

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