EGUSD Board Meeting – December 14

NOTICE: Information for Board Meetings

On December 7, 2021, the Board of Education took action to approve Resolution No. 30 (2021-2022), which authorizes the Board of Education to use remote teleconferencing provisions consistent with the Sacramento County Public Health Recommendations, AB 361, and Government Code section 54953, when necessary, consistent with current COVID-19-related Sacramento County Public Health Department safety protocols and quarantine guidelines.

Consistent with AB 361, the Governing Board may use teleconferencing (videoconferencing) when necessary, and as a result has made the following adjustments to the public comments process and timing. Additionally, the Board of Education is providing the following notice as required by AB 361: “to give notice of the means by which members of the public may access the meeting and offer public comment.”


Public Comments

Effective beginning December 14, 2021 and for the period of Board Resolution 30 (2020-2021), unless otherwise ordered by the Sacramento County Public Health Department, by other legal mandate, or with notice to the public consistent with AB 361, the following processes, means, and timeframes shall be available for public comments during board meetings.

Guidelines for In-Person Public Comments and Participation

During the board meeting, the public may make public comments in-person in the Board room or virtually via the Zoom platform.

  • For in-person public comments – Blue Cards will be available outside the Board Room and will be collected at the beginning of each Board meeting and organized by topic for in-person public comments. For in-person public comments you do not need to complete the form below.
  • Zoom audio public comments – The public may submit an online form to the District prior to the end of the Public Comment timeframes listed below requesting to speak during public comments through the Zoom platform at the designated times on the Board agenda. Requests for public comment via Zoom audio must be received prior to the end of the public comment timeframes listed below.

Regular Board Meetings:  On December 14, 2021, the Board will receive Public Comments in the following order:

  1. Approximately between 7:00 pm and 7:20 pm, Public Comments may be made On Items Not on the Board Agenda, but within the school district’s jurisdiction.

Please note that “If the public comments [are] on items not appearing on the posted agenda, the board cannot take action or discuss the public comments other than the Board President briefly acknowledging the comments.” (EGUSD Governance Handbook)

  1. Approximately between 7:00 pm and 7:20 pm, all Public Comments may be made On All Items that are on the Board Agenda.

The Board will close Public Comments on all items at the times designated above, unless the end time for public comments is adjusted for a longer period of time by the Board.

Please note that the Board may comment and ask clarifying questions related to public comments made on items on the agenda.

  1. If a member of the public wishes to address an item on the agenda that is scheduled prior to the public comment section of the meeting, the comments will be heard at the time the item is presented to the Board.
  2. Zoom comments will be heard within the same timeframe of the in-person public comments as listed above.

The Zoom Audio Public Comment link will be available as soon as the agenda for the December 14, 2021 Board Meeting has been posted online.  Zoom comments will be heard within the same timeframe of the in-person public comments as listed above.

The Zoom link to observe the meeting will be posted below prior to the Zoom Board meeting.

Zoom Audio Public Comment Form
Zoom Audio Public Comments are now closed for the December 14, 2021 Board Meeting.

Full In-Person Board Meetings with Live Streaming Via Zoom Online Meeting Platform

In addition to full in-person Board meetings, the Board meeting will be live streamed via the Zoom online meeting platform that will be used by the Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Education. Those who wish to view the meeting online will need an internet connection and device. Zoom is compatible with Windows and Apple computers, along with iPhones, iPads, Chromebooks and Android devices. The device must have working speakers to hear the meeting.

Please note: If Zoom is not currently installed on a computer or device, Zoom will ask to download a small app to the computer or device. Please accept the install to continue to the Zoom meeting. Zoom will only need to install the app the first time a computer or device is used with Zoom. Mobile device users can install the Zoom app prior to a meeting by visiting their app store. ZOOM Cloud Meetings is the name of the app. Go to the Zoom website to make sure you are on version 5.5.4 or higher.

Join the meeting via the Zoom link below:
The link has expired for the December 14, 2021 Board Meeting
View the December 14, 2021 EGUSD Board Meeting on our EGUSD YouTube Channel

YouTube Logo

Live Streaming Via Zoom is limited to 3000 participants due to capacity constraints within Zoom. The Zoom meeting will be recorded (video and audio) and will be made available on the Elk Grove Unified School District’s YouTube channel at

The Elk Grove Unified School District and its Board of Education are not responsible for any technical difficulties experienced by the viewer, nor is it responsible for any technical difficulties experienced in making or uploading any video recording.

American with Disabilities Compliance Notice

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons with a disability requiring special assistance to access the Zoom board meeting, access and complete the Google Public Comments Cards, or to access written documents discussed at the Board meeting that are available on the District’s website, please contact Ludi Avalos at (916) 686-7700. Notification of at least 24 hours prior to the meeting will enable the District to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to the Zoom board meeting and to provide disability-related accommodation, auxiliary aids or services.

Document Availability

Documents provided to a majority of the Governing Board regarding an open session item on this agenda will be posted online attached to the final Board meeting agenda for public inspection.