Trustee Election System

The Elk Grove Unified School District’s Board of Education is currently elected under a hybrid “at-large” election system, where trustees reside in designated trustee areas, and are elected by voters of the entire District.

On December 17, 2019, the Board adopted Resolution No. 32, 2019-20, Resolution to Initiate a Transition to a By-Trustee Area Election System Commencing with the 2022 Governing Board Election. As provided in Resolution No. 32, 2019-20, the Board intended to wait until the release of the 2020 Census data, scheduled for March 2021, and then immediately begin the transition process. Due to COVID-19 pandemic-related delays, the 2020 Census data is not expected to be made available to state and local agencies until September 30, 2021 or later, which is a substantial delay from the original due date of March 31, 2021. Due to this significant delay, the potential for further delay, and the tight timelines to complete the process in time for the 2022 elections, the District has concerns about continuing to delay the process until the 2020 Census data is released.

The District aspires to promote a robust public input process and believes that it is now in the best interest of the District not to wait until the delayed release of the 2020 Census data, but to move forward immediately to transition to by-trustee area elections using the 2010 Census data pursuant to the process provided in the Elections and Education Codes. The Board will then review the 2020 Census data upon its release to ensure the adopted trustee areas maintain appropriate population balance pursuant to Education Code section 5019.5.

The final maps to be used in the 2022 election will rely upon the 2020 census data. On May 4, 2021, the Board adopted Resolution No. 67, 2020-21 reaffirming its intent to transition to by-trustee area Board elections using 2010 Census data and making applicable modifications to the Trustee Areas when the 2020 Census data is released.

Trustee Area Maps

Part of this multifaceted election system transition includes the public posting and review of draft Trustee Area maps as they are prepared and presented to the Board.  The availability of these maps has been shared in Districtwide communications, Board Agenda postings, Board hearings and published in the Sacramento Bee and Elk Grove Citizen newspapers. The following links are provided for members of the public to review the draft maps as they are developed:

Additional Pertinent Information