Strategic Goals – E4


EGUSD’s Integrated Learning System (E4)

Every Student Learning in Every Classroom, in Every Subject, Every Day to Prepare College & Career Ready Graduates

EGUSD is a learning organization made up of interconnected processes and practices linked to the classroom, school, district, and community. E4 represents the District’s comprehensive and cohesive integrated learning system. It is inclusive of key stakeholders, is systematic in design, implementation, and evaluation, and supports our goal of ensuring that every child is adequately prepared for post-secondary education, life-long learning, successful employment, and responsible citizenship.

EGUSD’s E4 Schema

E4 represent the District’s learning system. The system consists of four foundation elements with eight support structures. As an entire learning community we work to ensure all components of the learning system are healthy and supportive of one another. This ensures we are efficient, effective, cohesive, and measured in our actions to ensure we achieve our learning vision – Every Student is Learning , in Every Classroom, in Every Subject, Every day – to Prepare College & Career Ready Graduates.


Download a PDF of the E4 Schema and Definitions


EGUSD’s Strategic Goals

The District’s four Strategic Goals are derived from the E4 Learning System. Collaboratively developed action plans, and resulting educational programs and services are strategically focused in support of our continued progress toward meeting our Strategic Goals.