Race and Educational Equity

The Elk Grove Unified School District believes that equity is a fundamental component to student success. Equity is when all staff focus on promoting equity to close persistent gaps of opportunity, access, achievement, expectations and resources where equality and nondiscrimination are:

  • Integrated into the mindset, work and lives of every student, teacher and staff member.
  • Recognized as core institutional values and informs thinking, policies and practices throughout our schools.
  • Inherently intertwined with academic excellence and the goal of developing leaders for a globally inclusive society.

With this belief, Elk Grove Unified will ensure that decisions, policies and practices are supportive of students’ learning, growth, and development fostering the ultimate goal of all students becoming college, career and life ready.


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Educational Equity Strategic Plan Executive Summary

 Educational Equity Strategic Plan Executive Summary – English
 Educational Equity Strategic Plan Executive Summary – Spanish
 Educational Equity Strategic Plan Executive Summary – Hmong
 Educational Equity Strategic Plan Executive Summary – Vietnamese

Educational Equity Strategic Plan

The Educational Equity Strategic Plan (EESP) is a framework and blueprint for building systemic equity in support of student achievement, promoting equitable practices and decision-making, developing continuous learning opportunities, strengthening our cultural proficiency and advocating for programs and structural practices that considers the whole child. The plan builds upon current efforts aligned to meet district goals, provides for flexibility to adjust to current needs and will inform continuous improvement into the future.

The EESP is presented in two parts: Part I (Sections I, II and III: Mission and Vision, Planning Documents and Executive Summary) and Part II (Sections IV, Attachments, Glossary and References).

Educational Equity Strategic Plan Part I Part II – English
 Educational Equity Strategic Plan Part I | Part II – Spanish (Coming Soon)
Educational Equity Strategic Plan Part I | Part II – Hmong (Coming Soon)
Educational Equity Strategic Plan Part I | Part II – Vietnamese (Coming Soon)