Program Improvement/No Child Left Behind

Beginning in the 2016-17 school year, Program Improvement (PI), facilitated under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) federal legislation is phasing out as we transition to the new reauthorized Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) legislation. ESSA prioritizes excellence and equity for students and brings new state accountability requirements and relief from old sanctions imposed under NCLB.

As we transition into ESSA, the provisions in the new law discontinue the Supplemental Educational Services (SES) and Public School Choice (PSC) programs. Tutoring services are no longer available to EGUSD students through SES and the option for any new EGUSD students to transfer to a non-Program Improvement school, through PSC, is no longer offered. All K-6th grade students who chose to transfer from their original/home school through PSC have the right to remain at that new school until the student completes the highest grade level offered at that school. No exceptions are made for siblings of students already participating in PSC.

In 2016-2017, students who are currently enrolled in the PSC program and attend a non-Program Improvement public school within our school district are provided two options:

  1. Students can remain in attendance at the assigned choice school until they finish 6th grade, and transportation will be provided by the District; or
  2. PSC students may return to their original/home school, and keep their original enrollment registration date.

Public School Choice

NCLB required that all students enrolled in schools formerly identified as Program Improvement be given the opportunity to attend another public school in the district. This was called Public School Choice. Students who chose to transfer had the right to remain at that school until the student completed the highest grade level offered by that school. The District’s obligation to provide transportation ended at the end of the school year once the original school was no longer identified for Program Improvement. Students who selected Public School Choice were no longer eligible for Supplemental Educational Services. As we transition into ESSA, the provisions in the new law will discontinue this program.

Supplemental Educational Services

NCLB required that eligible students enrolled in schools formerly identified as Year 2 or above Program Improvement be given the opportunity to receive free tutoring services from an outside agency that had been approved by California Department of Education and had a contract with Elk Grove Unified School District. This was called Supplemental Educational Services. Students who elected to participate in Supplemental Educational Services were not eligible for Public School Choice. The District was not obligated to pay more than the per pupil allocation set by the California Department of Education per student per year. As we transition into ESSA, the provisions in the new law will discontinue this program.

Local Education Agency Plan

As a requirement for receiving federal funding, school districts must draft a Local Agency (LEA) Plan designed to substantially help children meet academic standards. The purpose of the LEA Plan is to develop an integrated, coordinated set of actions that meet certain programmatic requirements, including student academic services designed to increase student achievement and performance, coordination of services, needs assessments, consultations, school choice, supplemental services, services to homeless students, and others as required. The LEA Plan includes specific descriptions and assurances as outlined in the provisions included in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The California Department of Education (CDE) program staff reviews LEA Plans for compliance with the requirements of the ESSA including evaluation of goals and activities designed to improve student performance in reading and mathematics; improve programs for English learner students; improve professional development and ensure the provision of highly qualified teachers; and promote efforts regarding graduation rates, dropout prevention, and advanced placement.

The LEA Plan is a:

  • blueprint for students to achieve the state content standards.
  • single, coordinated, and comprehensive plan describing services for all students.
  • basis for a continuous cycle of assessment, parent and community involvement, planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.
  • summary of all existing federal and state plans that can establish a focus for raising academic performance for all students.
  • annual update of LEA program implementation.
  • guide to implementing federal and state-funded programs, allocation of resources, and reporting requirements.

Please click on the link below to view the plan.
Local Education Agency Plan

Program Improvement
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