Psychological Services

Under the direction of the Director of Student Support and Health Services, the district’s school psychologists serve the needs of students, their families. teachers, and administrators in a variety of ways. These may include:

  • Conducting psycho-educational assessments of referred students for Special Education eligibility and services.
  • Providing consultative services to facilitate student learning and development.
  • Providing short-term counseling services to special education students, as IEP teams designate, or general education students, by agreement of the psychologist, administrator, and the parent.
  • Assisting student’s and their families in accessing services from outside agencies and community service providers.

Psychological Services
Armondo Fernandez – M.S., L.E.P., Lead Psychologist

Phone:  (916) 686-7568
(916) 686-7596

Mailing Address:
Psychological Services
Elk Grove Unified School District
9510 Elk Grove-Florin Road
Elk Grove, CA  95624