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Celebrate the Season

In celebration of the holiday season, District employees, school groups, and community partners are invited to support families in need. When you participate in the Celebrate the Season program, you help local EGUSD families have a happy holiday season. Families are chosen through the Regional Student Support Centers and Foster Youth Services.

Here’s how the program works:

Please fill out and email the Sponsorship Request Form by Wednesday, November 18, 2020 to Venita Jelks –

Using the Sponsorship Request Form, you select from the following family sizes:  Small (2-3), Medium (4-5), or Large (6 or more) – indicating the number of families you wish to support.  Any number is great and you can support more than one family!

Once your form is emailed to Venita Jelks, she will work to place you with a family. Venita will email you with the family’s gift requests and contact information by Friday, November 20.

Gifts:  We request that each child receive a minimum of approximately $50 in gifts.  The children’s parents/guardians provide a list of gift ideas that are on the form you receive.  These are options, but are never promised.  Each adult receives one present. (This is more of a token gift like lotion, slippers, a scarf, etc. or something for the family like a gift card, blanket or cookware.) We also request that each family receive a gift card for food to provide for a holiday meal for the entire family. You do not have to provide any ‘special requests’ indicated on the form, but can do so if you choose.

Gift Delivery Guidelines

  • Sponsors will contact their family directly to make arrangements to deliver the gifts.
  • Sponsors then email the date/time of delivery to Venita Jelks.
  • Delivery is limited to two sponsors and masks and social distancing are required.
  • Gifts will be delivered to the porch/door, knock or ring the doorbell, and stand 6 feet back.
  • Families are notified of these delivery guidelines.
  • Families are also asked to wear masks and maintain 6 feet distance when retrieving gifts.

In a situation where sponsor cannot deliver to a family’s location, sponsor can arrange for families to pick up gifts at a Student Support Center.

  • Sponsor, SSC staff and families wear masks and maintain 6 feet distance at all times.
  • Families drive up or walk up to a designated curbside location at the Student Support Center location.
  • Gifts are placed curbside by sponsor or SSC staff.
  • Families approach and retrieve gifts.

Regional Student Support Center Locations:

David Reese Student Support Center
7600 Lindale Drive, Sacramento, CA 95828

Prairie Student Support Center
5251 Valley Hi Drive, Sacramento, CA 95823

Valley High Student Support Center
6300 Ehrhardt Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95823

If you have difficulty making contact with your family, please email or call Venita Jelks.

Prairie Student Support Center (916) 422-1091

We are asking that you deliver the gifts to the family by Thursday, December 17, 2020. This is to ensure all families are taken care of before winter break begins and the Student Support Centers are closed.

Theory of Action

Elk Grove Unified School District believes that family and community engagement is a fundamental component to student success and achievement. When district and school staffs build authentic relationships and encourage collaboration, it creates a culturally responsive mindset, which fosters trust and produces a welcoming environment. We will increase confidence in EGUSD by providing opportunities to partner with all families and the community in ways that support both the academic success and the social/emotional wellness of every student. The Board of Education recognizes that parents and guardians are their child’s most influential teachers. Continuous parental involvement in a child’s education contributes greatly to achievement and a positive school environment.

Family Engagement

The Board of Education recognizes that parents and guardians are their child’s most influential teachers. Continuous parental involvement in a child’s education contributes greatly to achievement and a positive school environment.

To maximize the potential of parent involvement on campus, each school:

      • Develops programs and activities that enable parents to actively participate in their child’s education.
      • Helps parents develop skills and home environments that supports their child’s growth as responsible members of society.
      • Provides parents with techniques and strategies to improve their child’s academic success and help learning at home.
      • Initiates consistent and effective two-way communication between the home and school so parents know when and how to support classroom learning activities.
      • Provides training to teachers, administrators, and other school staff that fosters effective and culturally sensitive communication with the home.
      • Encourages parents/guardians to serve as volunteers in the schools, attend student performances and school meetings, and participate in site and advisory councils.

Please contact your school to find out how you can get more involved.

Community Engagement in Elk Grove Unified

Community Engagement is welcomed in Elk Grove Unified and is defined as any element of learning the district can capture through and by collaborating with District stakeholders. To learn more about how you can partner with Elk Grove Unified schools or District programs, contact our Family and Community Engagement Office:

Visit the Office of Family and Community Engagement (FACE) page

EGUSD Volunteer Assistance Procedure & Policy and Fingerprinting

Please visit the Safety Information page for information on the Volunteer Assistance Procedure & Policy and Fingerprinting.

District Flyer Approval Process

All flyers must go through the District’s approval process. Please visit the District Flyer Approval page for more information.