February 19 2021

February 19, 2021

Dear EGUSD Students, Families and Staff,

Earlier this week, we posted the final draft of our EGUSD COVID-19 Safety Plan for review and feedback from parents and the community. Accompanying the plan, we also published our EGUSD COVID-19 Dashboard. The excellent feedback we received is greatly appreciated. Thank you to everyone who responded. The next step will be to submit our safety plan with any final edits to the State School Safety for All Team and to our Local Health Officer for their review. In case you missed the opportunity to review the plan, the finalized documents will remain available on our District’s COVID-19 website

Since the submission of our safety plan is one of the requirements per the state toward reopening, in preparation for that reopening, there are two videos we would like to share with our community. In line with our already established reopening plan, primary grades will return first, followed by the intermediate grades and then secondary. Our Special Education department will also be in contact with those families who have students with special needs and will inform them of safety measures that will be taken at school. We will provide additional information, including videos, early next week to help prepare parents before they select which learning model will be best for their child(ren). Please stay tuned for that message.

Below are the two videos we would like to share now with you. The first video features Ms. Biundo from Mary Tsukamoto Elementary School with a Kindergarten Tour. The second video focuses on important COVID-19 safety procedures students who attend school in-person will need to follow when at school. Shout out to our ASES students and the staff at Mary Tsukamoto Elementary and Charles Mack Elementary schools for helping us produce these videos.

Lastly, in addition to staff who met earlier vaccine eligibility, this past week, more of our staff stepped up to get vaccinated. According to our partners at California Northstate University, all EGUSD staff (teachers, admin, office, custodial, food, bus and maintenance) will have the opportunity to have been vaccinated within the next three weeks and they will have also had their second doses scheduled in the weeks to follow. We will continue to work with our partners as well with other community clinics to help ensure every opportunity toward vaccination is afforded to our education staff.

Please stay safe, stay healthy and stay in contact with us and your schools.

EGUSD Leadership

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