January 14 2022

January 14, 2022

Dear Elk Grove Unified Students, Parents and Families,

Being in the midst of the current COVID-19 surge is certainly challenging and based on the experiences of other regions we know it will plateau and begin to subside. Fortunately, we have systems and processes in place that enable the District to continue to provide the highest quality educational services and experiences possible while ensuring the health and safety of our students and staff.

In today’s communication we have more safety protocol updates for you and we also want to share steps we are taking to keep learning experiences rigorous and engaging. We expanded after school programs that provide academic enrichment, fun physical activity, nutritious meals, and social emotional learning in a safe and lively environment. We now offer learning opportunities through intersession programs for off-track students. And, we provide after school (K-12) academic tutoring and high school credit recovery programs throughout the District.

The needs of quarantined students are also important and to keep them connected to resources that support continued learning, nearly all adopted curriculum has an online component that makes learning increasingly accessible for students and we continue to integrate digital tools and resources that enhance lesson design such as Google Classroom, Zoom, EdPuzzle, Read and Write, OrbitNote, SeeSaw, Talking Points, Screencastify and IXL-for grades 7-12 math.

We realize that many parents are helping to slow the spread of COVID-19 by keeping students home if sick or symptomatic, and we appreciate that vigilance. Our attendance is down by approximately 10 percentage points compared to the same time last year and we hope to improve this as soon as possible.


We have updated our COVID Health and Safety Plan to include the newly released Decision Forest from the California Department of Public Health. We hope this will answer some questions about quarantines when a student or staff member tests positive and what steps need to be taken before that student or staff member may safely return to school to avoid further contagion.

We are grateful for your continued help to maximize the number of students learning in-person in a safe and healthy environment:

  • Please consider getting vaccinated if you are eligible. The vaccine is available to anyone five years of age and older.
  • Continue to practice all safety measures such as mask-wearing and frequent hand washing.
  • Do not come to school if you are sick.
  • If you are symptomatic, please get tested and do not come to school.
  • If you have been exposed to a COVID positive individual, please get tested.
  • Contact your medical provider if you are sick.

Testing Options for Students and Staff (PCR and/or Rapid Antigen Test)


We’re opening a new elementary school! Check out our progress and hear from Dr. Jodi Boyle, the principal for Miwok Village.

Save the Date! REACH Teacher Residency Program: Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Elk Grove Unified in partnership with the University of the Pacific is in year three of its 13-month teacher residency program beginning in June 2022 and we will be looking for diverse candidates interested in earning a dual Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe teaching credential and a Master’s degree in Special Education. Candidates must already have a Bachelor’s Degree to participate in the program and may not already hold a fully authorized teaching credential—30 day permit holder is okay! The grant covers up to $20,000 towards tuition for those selected as well as a stipend for books and materials. Selected candidates will be hired as paraeducators while participating in the program and upon completion will be offered teaching positions in EGUSD.


Our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion aims to build and create a renewed sense of belonging for all with colleagues, leaders and new hires. We are helping current and prospective employees thrive by offering stable employment, consistent hours and competitive total compensation.

  • Now is the time to become a substitute! Get started through EdJoin
  • Our teacher application pools are now open. Dive in now through EdJoin.

Save the Date! 

  • February 17, 2022 – Thursday, 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. (Virtual Job Fair Meet and Greet)
  • March 5, 2022 – Saturday between 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. (In-Person Recruitment Event)

Currently Featured Positions

Please visit our Employment page on our website for more information.

Thank you for your support and cooperation in keeping our schools safe for all,

EGUSD Leadership

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