January 22 2021

January 22, 2021

Dear EGUSD Students, Families and Staff,

We thank everyone who has been following the COVID-19 safety guidelines with mask wearing, hand washing and avoidance of gatherings. Promising changes lie ahead on the horizon despite some of the setbacks in vaccine supply. This week, Sacramento County’s daily case rate dropped to 38.8 and just the week prior it was nearly double that rate, which is positive news. With the Super Bowl only two weeks away and the strong desire by all of us to reopen schools, we ask students and families to consider avoiding the traditional game day gatherings and instead enjoy new and innovative ways through technology to participate in game day.

Last week, we shared the state’s new guidance for reopening schools issued by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Based on the new guidance, districts may reopen for grades K-6 when the adjusted case rate per 100,000 is below 25, which is different from previous guidance related to the Red Tier. The CDPH guidance is separate and apart from the Governor’s proposed incentive plan that remains in the legislative process. We are closely monitoring the Governor’s proposal. Regardless, we are hopeful that we will be able to restart our reopening plan soon based on current health conditions. Our reopening plan will be according to the phase-in plan presented last October and agreed upon by our Board, our labor partners and public health. There will be a few slight changes and need for additional resources in order to comply with the new CDPH guidance, which we are working on now. 

With technology being integrated more and more every day, the In-Person Concurrent learning model is elevating that integration to a new level. What was once unfathomable in teaching and learning is now becoming part of our innovative and progressive culture. Our youngest students are learning to read through distance learning. Many of our older students have found distance learning more suited to their learning pace. We can now see the advantages of distance learning and we can also see the value of in-person learning. Our challenge at this point is to find a safe balance between both until conditions dramatically improve and add this new technological method of content delivery and student engagement to our repertoire. 

While still not perfect, and given our capacity constraints, we feel that we will be able to successfully serve every one of our students’ continued academic needs and further support their social and emotional learning needs by reopening our schools using the In-Person Concurrent Model. In this model, everyone has an opportunity to learn and everyone has an opportunity to have a schedule that enables them to be in-person at school, which is more than what is available to them now. This includes athletics and extracurricular activities. We just have to proceed with caution for everyone’s safety and we lean on our Sacramento Public Health experts to help us keep everyone safe as we continue with teaching and learning.

Please stay safe, stay healthy and stay tuned.

EGUSD Leadership

California Department of Public Health new guidance for all public and private schools, which supersedes previous guidance with the exception of the Guidance Related to Cohorts for Children and Youth. We encourage you to review this new guidance to stay informed: COVID-19 Consolidated Schools Guidance and CA Safe Schools for All

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