January 6 2022

January 6, 2022

Elk Grove Unified is distributing State of California provided at-home On/Go COVID testing kits for all students. Each student will receive one (1) kit and each kit contains two (2) tests. These home test kits are intended for student use only and will provide parents with an easy method of detecting the presence of the COVID virus, especially if their child has symptoms.

Home test kits will be sent home with students today, January 6th, for all students currently in session. Other arrangements will be made for students that are off track or on the modified traditional calendar. School sites will provide this information at a later date.

We know that testing resources are very limited at this time and we are happy to distribute this resource to our families. Families have the discretion to use the tests for students as soon as they are received or at another time when needed.

Understand Your Test Results

Negative Test

  • If your student feels well and has no COVID-19 symptoms, attend school.
  • If your student has symptoms, retest through your medical provider or a COVID testing site to confirm negative results. Your student may return to school when symptoms are improving and a copy of negative test results from a medical provider or COVID testing site are provided.

Positive Test

  • Stay home from school and contact your doctor and your school right away.
  • Isolate for 5 days, retest on day 5.
  • Must have a negative test and symptoms resolving before returning to school or isolate full 10 days.

Unclear Test Results

  • It is recommended to retest.

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Thank you and stay safe and stay healthy,
EGUSD Leadership


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