July 10 2020 – Sample Letter

Below is a SAMPLE of the letter that was customized by each school to include school letterhead/branding and specifics related to how to contact the school.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The information and feedback you have provided has been critical in the development and refinement of the District’s proposed educational models and will help with the proper placement of students and allocation of resources for the upcoming school year.

Because the health and safety of our students and staff are our primary concern, we will reopen our school campuses following the guidelines put forward by the Sacramento County Department of Public Health and the California Department of Education. Throughout this process we’ve sought to balance safety, the education of our students, and community input in designing the educational models that will be available to your students in 2020-2021.

We are offering two new educational models for the start of the 2020-2021 school year: 

  • Transitional Model – The central component of the Transitional Model is in-person instruction to the greatest extent possible under existing health conditions and guidelines regarding social distancing, sanitation, and personal protective equipment. Future communications will be provided addressing these specific requirements. Please be aware due to social distancing requirements our ability to provide transportation services will be limited.

Students in PreK will attend two to four days per week depending on the program in which they are enrolled.

Students in TK/Kindergarten classes will attend school in person, two days per week, three hours per day either in the morning or the afternoon. There will be a Tuesday/Thursday cohort and a Wednesday/Friday cohort. On days when students are not on campus, they will be engaged in distance learning.

Students in grades 1-6 will attend school in person four days per week, two hours and 50 minutes per day, Tuesday through Friday. Students will be assigned to an AM or PM cohort through a randomized process. We will make every effort to keep families together in the same cohort.  In addition, students will receive independent practice throughout the week and distance learning on Mondays.


6-Period Traditional Schedule Schools (Middle schools: Katherine Albiani, Samuel Jackman, Joseph Kerr, and James Rutter; High schools: Elk Grove and Pleasant Grove)

Students attending traditional six-period schools complete six classes per semester; however, in this transitional model, students will complete three classes the first nine weeks of the semester and complete three new classes the second nine weeks of the semester. This allows for greater student-teacher connection and increased focus time on specific classes.

Students will attend two days per week, three 80-minute periods per day, either Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday. On days they are not on campus, they will engage in distance learning.

Block Schedule Schools (Middle schools: Harriet Eddy, Edward Harris, Jr., Toby Johnson, Elizabeth Pinkerton, and T.R. Smedberg; High schools: Cosumnes Oaks, Florin, Franklin, Laguna Creek, Monterey Trail, Sheldon, and Valley)

Students attending block schedule schools will continue to complete four classes every nine weeks.

Students will attend two days per week, four 75-minute periods per day, either Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday. On days they are not on campus, they will engage in distance learning.

Alternative Education Schools (Calvine, Daylor, Rio Cazadero)
Students will attend four days per week, two 55-minute periods per day, in an AM/PM schedule, Tuesday through Friday. Students will also engage in daily distance learning.

  • Full Distance Learning – Available through the school of attendance, the student, teacher/s, and other applicable staff are connected virtually. Instruction is a balance of live, virtual instruction and recorded, previously posted lessons. Distance learning will be provided during the regularly scheduled hours of the school of attendance. Extra/co-curricular opportunities are available through the school of attendance.

Students who participate in distance learning will receive direct, synchronous (live) teaching via an online platform to include full class sessions, small group sessions and, on an as-needed basis, individual sessions with their teacher. Synchronous sessions will be scheduled and communicated in advance, and will take into consideration a student’s age and grade level.

Students will also have access to guided independent practice posted lessons, previously recorded videos, or other learning materials which can be viewed and completed during flexible hours. Assignment due dates will be clearly defined and communicated by the teacher/s.

Services and instruction for English Learners will be provided. Instructional accommodations and modifications, along with accompanying related services will be provided to the greatest extent possible to special education students.

Based on recent changes to State law, all districts are required to provide in-person instruction to the greatest extent possible. The law also provides parents with the option of selecting full distance learning if determined it is in the best interest of their child/ren and/or family for health considerations.

Based on the changes to the law we have placed all students in our Transitional Model which includes significant in-person instruction, but parents can actively select Full Distance Learning.

Next Steps for Parents:

If you want your child/ren to remain in the Transitional Model you have nothing more to do at this time.

If you want your child/ren to participate in Full Distance Learning do one of the following:

  • Go into ParentVue and select Full Distance Learning (instructions available here: https://bit.ly/3f9VHxj)
  • Contact your school: (Insert your info here)

Distance learning selection should be made by Wednesday, July 15. 

These selections are not permanent. We will consider changes at the end of the first trimester for all elementary schools and at the end of the first quarter for all secondary schools. Please know our educational plans are subject to change based upon the health conditions and we appreciate your patience and flexibility as we work together to meet the needs of all of our students.

We look forward to when all students can return to campus. Until the health conditions allow this, we will work to provide the best educational experiences for all students. In the coming weeks you will be contacted by the school regarding specific schedules and group/cohort assignments for the coming school year. Please contact your school if you have additional questions.

(Insert your name)