July 2 2020

July 2, 2020

Dear Elk Grove Unified Students, Parents and Families,

The responses to our parent preference survey now show that the parents of 60 percent of our students have expressed their learning preferences for the next school year during this extended period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Three primary challenges that tactical teams are contending with due to health and safety concerns are the complexities of ensuring adequate staffing, adherence to social distancing given physical capacity limits, as well as finite resources in either time or funding.

Next week, letters will be going to all parents to inform them that unless they would like to change their preference in the survey, the preference they chose for each child will indicate their interest for either continuing with Distance Learning only, entering a Transitional Model, interest in changing to Independent Study or interest in looking at another alternative. The default preference for parents who have not responded to the survey will be the Transitional Model. Parents may also email or call their school of enrollment to update or change their preferences. Below are the definitions of each learning option EGUSD parents can choose from:

Transitional Model

  • Available through the school of enrollment, this program is a combination of in-person instruction with 20 or fewer people in the room, and distance learning. Extra/Co-curricular opportunities are available through the school of enrollment.

Distance Learning

  • Available through school of enrollment, this program assigns students to all applicable teachers and staff, in which the student and teachers are connected virtually and instruction is a balance of live virtual instruction and recorded/previously posted lessons. Extra/Co-curricular opportunities are available through the school of enrollment.

Independent Study

  • Available through Las Flores High School and Elk Grove USD (K-8) Virtual Academy, this program assigns students to one teacher who develops an individualized learning plan for students to make progress on their learning goals and monitors students’ independent learning progress.

Elk Grove Charter School

  • Grade 7-12 individualized learning experience combining classroom instruction, independent study and dual enrollment.

Updates and improvements are being made as we speak to each learning option per Board direction and parent input. Also, EGUSD’s Distance Learning model will be improved and will adhere to new California Education Codes as not adhering to them would jeopardize funding for the District. The ultimate goal and desire of the District is to bring as many students as possible back to school. However, under these current health conditions and until the threat of COVID-19 in our community decreases, we all face the daunting task of how to safely begin transitioning as many students as possible back to school.

We also realize that many parents will need to rely on daycare providers in order to return to work or manage their child’s school schedule and assignments. District officials are reaching out to community partners and existing daycare providers to identify some solutions for parents. Expanded learning is also being evaluated and considered as a way to increase each school’s ability to provide more before and after school academic program support.

We wish everyone a safe and pleasant 4th of July and ask that our community stand together to heed the public health recommendations of continued social distancing, use of face coverings in public settings and by practicing good hand hygiene. (EGUNEWS Q&A “How to Keep Families Safe”)

Please stay tuned for more updates on plans leading up to the opening of schools.

Stay safe and stay healthy,

EGUSD Leadership

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