June 5 2020

June 5, 2020

Dear Elk Grove Unified Students, Parents and Families,

During this tumultuous past week in Elk Grove Unified, we continue to stand resolute and in solidarity with our Black students, families, community and staff in peaceful support of ending police violence. District leadership remains committed to its work to stop racism, hate and discrimination and we continue to support implemented programs like restorative justice, opportunity and access and student-centered support.

With summer here, while we would normally ease into a slower schedule, the District office is bustling with the work of building a learning strategy for the 2020-2021 school year. A strategy team is pouring over multiple resources like the recently released Sacramento County guiding principles document, parent, student and staff surveys and valuable global and domestic school research out of the EAB. The strategy team is also anxiously awaiting state guidance from the CA Department of Education and CA Department of Public Health. Working right alongside the strategic team is the tactical team, charged with outlining the implementation of learning options the District can offer its students, which will continue to be tailored to meeting county guidelines, safety recommendations and providing effective learning experiences. 

As a first step, a revised calendar with the start date of August 3rd for year-round elementary schools will be proposed at the upcoming Board Meeting. Once approved and published, parents will be able to review the revised calendar to see each Track’s specific start date. Also during the June 9th Board Meeting, a presentation for the “Process for Developing the 2020-21 Educational Plan,” will be made and the Board will be asked to provide feedback on the process that will be used to develop the District’s 2020-2021 educational plan. The process will take into consideration the COVID-related health and safety conditions and the results from a questionnaire that will be sent to parents in mid-June to gather essential information needed for plan development. The process proposal will then lead up to a DRAFT educational plan that will be presented to the Board for approval at the June 30th Board Meeting. Once approved, the plan will be communicated to students, families and staff.

As for many of the tactical teams, knowing that keeping students connected to school is vital to their learning and development, these teams are currently not only evaluating the feedback and results of distance learning to build upon new learning options for students, they are also carefully examining how performing arts, sports, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities would continue into the new school year. They are working with important stakeholder groups and external organizations to develop plans that can be phased in or adjusted as needed based on current and foreseeable health or other conditions.

In the meantime, we encourage you to take advantage of the enrichment and fun activities already on the District’s website such as the EGUSD Reading Room. The site has information about accessing the Summer Reading Program through the Sacramento Public Library and resources for reading with online digital readers, recommended reading lists, how to read aloud to young readers and many read aloud videos, like Storytime Sacramento.

And, remember that on June 9th, the EGUSD Board Meeting will be held on Zoom with the open session starting at 6:00 p.m. 

Thank you for your support and please continue to stay safe and stay healthy.

EGUSD Leadership

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