March 18 2020

March 18, 2020

Dear Elk Grove Unified Families,

We are making steady progress with our task force teams as we prepare to support students and families in this new environment. District leaders have been actively participating in several conference calls with federal, state and county partners to voice parent concerns, raise employee matters and clarify the guidance received thus far on steps a school district like Elk Grove Unified can take to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We thank families and students for their patience and quick action in following federal, state and county directives. Below is an overview of implemented, active and planned tasks that EGUSD teams are focused on:


Food and Nutrition Team

      • Continue to provide daily drive-thru meals available for pick-up at select locations throughout EGUSD at 20 sites. Students aged 18 and under are eligible to receive these state and USDA approved drive-thru, grab-n-go meals.
      • Completed plans to expand this drive-thru, grab-n-go service to 10 additional sites as well as 3 community drop-off locations.
      • Providing additional food and nutrition services for 14 daycare/child care locations.

Before and After School Daycare Team

      • Collaborated with daycare providers which are open at 21 select sites who are offering services for parents who meet national, state and/or county essential service criteria during this national, state and county emergency.


Family and Community Resources Team

      • Coordinating family and community resources and gathering useful information for families to use as needed. 
      • Created a family and community resources page for easy access to information.

Technology Team

      • Working with an identified partner to assist families without Internet connectivity.
      • Developing a plan to distribute Chromebooks for students in need for the distance learning plan.

Broadcast Team

      • Coordinating communications resources to establish a Districtwide broadcast hour with an established production team who will develop content.
      • Promoting Elk Grove Unified’s YouTube Channel to boost subscriptions in order to have the capability to do live updates through YouTube with District officials and subject matter experts.

Education Services Team

      • Finalized agreement with teachers to complete grades for 7-12th grade students for the 3rd Term. This will allow counseling staff to confirm 4th Term schedules for middle and high school students as needed. Given this dynamic, EGUSD and EGEA are strongly encouraging teachers of record to factor in that students perform well on any outstanding assignments, or final assessments. They were also told to not request that students submit additional work that would have been due or completed past March 6th. And, that if they think that any outstanding assignments/projects/finals would positively impact their grade, then presume the best in terms of students’ performance on any such outstanding assignment or final assessments.


Education Services Team/Special Education

      • Will continue to collaborate with Special Education experts and government officials to develop support for students with special education needs.

Distance Learning/Continuing Education Team

      • Will continue to coordinate resources and collaborate with educational partners for Distance Learning at elementary, middle and high school levels for general education and special education students.

While EGUSD schools are closed, Comcast is offering free Internet for low income families through their Internet Essentials program for 60 days and have made all Xfinity WiFi hotspots across the country open and free. Families can also access family and community resources by visiting our newly created EGUSD Family Resources web page. Lastly, in order to have the ability for a YouTube Live channel, the EGUNEWS broadcast team kindly asks parents and families to subscribe to the Elk Grove Unified School District’s YouTube Channel.

Please stay tuned for our ongoing daily communications and we continue to ask that all residents pay attention to the State’s direction to adhere to social distancing measures and self-isolation if symptomatic of the COVID-19 virus.

Thank you,
EGUSD Leadership