March 19 2021

March 19, 2021

Dear EGUSD Students, Families and Staff,

This week, we welcomed  students back to in-person instruction and we could see the joy of  our youngest scholars by the pep in their step and the sparkle in their eyes when they saw their peers and teachers face to face. Currently, about 36 percent of our elementary students will be returning to school for in-person concurrent learning. That number is  beginning to  rise as parents are becoming increasingly comfortable about the current health conditions. The in-person concurrent learning structure allows every student to return to school. 

Last Monday, a public health nurse from Sacramento County Public Health toured sample elementary schools to offer support and recommendations for our in-person concurrent model’s health and safety reopening plans. The tour included visiting Kindergarten, primary and intermediate classrooms, the front office, health office, restrooms, multipurpose room and playground. Each school’s site principal led the tour and walked the nurse through what a day would look like for a student from drop-off to pick-up. Sacramento County Public Health gave positive feedback and approved of the protocols  and procedures in place, which further confirmed our EGUSD COVID-19 Safety Plan. Future tour plans include at least one middle school, one high school and additional elementary school sites as our reopening continues.

As we reopen our schools and our school site populations grow, it’s important to remain vigilant about wearing face masks, keeping physically distanced and maintaining healthy hygiene. Parents should also be aware that per our COVID-19 Safety Plan, students attending in-person learning may have a face mask exemption and staff is informed about those students with exemptions. We are closely monitoring each school and their activities. As positive cases and/or close contact to positive cases are reported, we follow our COVID-19 response protocols and procedures and report the information, which is viewable through our EGUSD COVID Dashboard, and notify the appropriate individuals and/or families. Once all schools reopen, the District fully intends to keep schools open by remaining vigilant about following all COVID-19 safety protocols. 

Looking forward, planning for spring activities and graduations is happening and in preparation for the planning of the 2021-2022 school year, next week, the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) stakeholder feedback gathering process will kick-off for students, parents, and staff. The District will be seeking stakeholder input regarding how to prioritize funding for various priorities and as a reminder on the types of projects that can be funded, please view our LCAP video. More detailed information about the LCAP process can be found on our LCAP web page

Lastly, we invite you to attend our upcoming EGUSD Board Meeting on March 23, 2021, which starts at 6:00 p.m. and per the Board’s direction, the public comment process has been updated. The public may now choose to enter either through Zoom to make a public comment or continue to issue a written public comment to be read aloud by staff. Instructions will be included in the board meeting information once the link is active online. Parents and guardians interested in becoming involved in the 2021-2022 school year planning process should attend or listen in during this meeting. A Board agenda will be posted this Friday and information about how to get involved will be provided during the presentation related to the 2021-2022 school year planning preparations.

Please continue to wear a face mask when in public spaces, stay physically distanced and follow healthy hand hygiene.

Stay safe and stay healthy!
EGUSD Leadership

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