October 2 2020

October 2, 2020

Dear Students, Families and Staff,

As we all closely monitor the health data for Sacramento County and we all hope we can stay in the red tier for two consecutive weeks, we will continue to keep you updated regarding plans for the consideration of a return to school. For the time being, students will continue in distance learning. 

Currently, across the District, we are allowed to do in-person assessments for students with special needs and we are looking at providing specialized support services for small cohorts of targeted students. October 14th will be our next major milestone where we will review our District’s progress and further engage the Board for feedback and direction.

In the meantime, the following preparations are being implemented at all 67 school sites:


  • Placement of COVID-19 signage in all recommended areas (face coverings required reminders, proper wearing of face coverings, social distancing reminders, social distancing floor decals, proper hand washing instructions, know the COVID symptoms and stay home when ill);
  • Analysis and design of all classrooms and offices to accommodate 6ft. of distancing among staff and students, and among staff members, plus safe storage for any removed furniture;
  • Placing student/school/environment-safe disinfectant solution in every classroom;
  • Placing COVID-19 supply storage cabinets at each site with all appropriate PPE, extra face coverings for staff and students, gowns, face shields, thermometers, and hand  sanitizer. Thousands of units of PPE and hand sanitizer have been distributed to all sites and additional inventory is constantly stocked in our warehouse;
  • Designating a COVID Symptom “Isolation Room” at each site for students who display COVID-19 symptoms;
  • Installation of plexiglass barriers at the front office and public areas;
  • Installation of specialized disinfectant technology to be used by custodians and staff;
  • Purchase and distribution of electrostatic sprayers (AKA misters/foggers) for every school in the district to supplement disinfection procedures;

In Process

  • Physical reconfiguration of all classrooms and offices to have 6ft. of distancing among staff and students as well as among staff members;
  • Arranging of storage of removed furniture;
  • Installation of hospital grade air filters (ability to filter bacteria and viruses from the air) for the ventilation systems of every classroom and building in the district;
  • Possible installation of plexiglass barriers for student desks;
  • Ordering of additional technology and supplies;
  • Conducting in-person assessments for students with special needs;
  • Preparing for specialized support services for small cohorts;

Our teachers and students are doing excellent work through distance learning and deserve many accolades and our continued support. In Elk Grove Unified, learning continuity, high attendance, supporting student wellness and family engagement are our top priorities in addition to the health and safety of everyone. Parents are encouraged to listen in on the upcoming virtual Board of Education meetings:

Let’s work together to turn Sacramento County orange by Halloween and please remain vigilant about wearing a face mask, maintaining social distance and handwashing. We also encourage everyone who can to get a flu shot to do so.  Lastly, if you haven’t already logged into your ParentVUE portal to check your student’s grades, attendance and communication from their teacher, please do so. For parents who need assistance with ParentVUE activation, please contact your school site or the Family and Community Engagement Office at (916) 831-5530 and translations and interpretation services for families are available at (916) 793-2953.

 Thank you and stay safe and stay healthy,

 EGUSD Leadership


Where can I learn more about ParentVUE?: Visit the EGUSD Synergy – ParentVUE FAQ page

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