Early Childhood Education

Elk Grove Unified has several programs that help 3 and 4-year old children get ready for kindergarten. The programs are funded from different sources and their requirements vary by funding source. Head Start, Title I, and State Preschool programs are free to income eligible families. Champions is a fee based Preschool program.

Head Start

Head Start is a federal program for preschool children from lower-income families. Classes are in session 3.5 hours per day, Monday through Thursday. Next year we will be offering two 6 hour day Head Start programs that will be M-F. One will be at Florin Elementary, the other at David Reese Elementary.

California State Preschool Program

California’s State Preschool income-eligible program is a state funded program serving 3 and 4-year-old children. State Preschool classrooms focus on preparing children for kindergarten. Classes are in session three hours per day, Monday through Friday.

Title I Preschool

Title 1 Preschool is for children who reside within the boundaries of a Title 1 school.  The following elementary schools have a Title 1 preschool program:

To register a child for any of these programs, please call (916) 686-7595.

 Preschool Programs Fact Sheet

Before filling out any forms, please refer to the Preschool Eligibility Determination Form to make certain you will qualify.

EGUSD PreK Education Enrollment

The PreK Education Enrollment Packet contains ALL of the forms needed to register your child for Preschool.

 PreK Education Enrollment Packet  – English  |  Spanish

If you are looking for a specific form, you can download and print from the individual forms listed below.

 Individual EGUSD PreK Education Enrollment Forms

Preschool Eligibility Determination Form  – English  | Spanish
Student Registration Form  – English | Spanish
Child Care Data Collection Privacy Notice and Consent Form  – English  |  Spanish
Family Income Declaration Form  – English  |  Spanish
Child Care Center Notification of Parents’ Rights Form  – English  |  Spanish
Child Care Center Notification of Personal Rights Form  – English  |  Spanish
Student Photo Release Form  – English  |  Spanish
Child Health History Form  – English  |  Spanish
Health Services Consent Form  –  English |  Spanish
Facing the Facts: A Parent’s Guide to the Understanding of Child Abuse  – English  |  Spanish
Lead Risk Assessment Form  – English  |  Spanish
TB Risk Assessment Form  – English  |  Spanish
Parental Consent for Assessments Form  – English  |  Spanish
Receipt of Information on Parents’ legal rights and the Tobacco Free Schools Board Policy 33513 Form  – English  |  Spanish
Child Release Form  – English  |  Spanish
Preschool Admission Agreement Form  – English  |  Spanish