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Due to the high volume of visitors, Salmon Cam will be on before 6:00am and extending past 3:00pm (pst) during some days!

We received our eggs on 12/18! Based on our Temperature Unit calculations we predicted that they will begin to hatch on 1/08.... CLICK HERE to learn how we calculated the hatch date.

The eggs have hatched and are now called alevin. They do not eat right now because they have a yolk sacv. Can you spot their yolk sac?

Live Camera Image Below:

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The eggs have all hatched and the alevin are swimming around so keep your eyes open. Our camera notifies us by sound that someone is watching our salmon so if we hear you we can move the camera to the salmon. You can also email us and we will send you the most recent still clip or closeup.


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Click here to see--Salmon Cam Setup-we are using an old Macintosh G3 computer would you like to donate a new computer to our program? Contact us at (916) 689-8600 X6197


Listen to the sounds of a running stream while you watch the salmon!

Here's Looking at you! Click on the egg image to see a remarkable video of a hatching of a salmon



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We release our salmon into the American River!

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