Franklin High School's

Technology Standards


Computer Technology Standards

These standards meet the minimum requirement for graduation from the Elk Grove Unified School District.


Intermediate Computer Standards

These standards are required of all STEM students and are essential for any student with an interest in computer hardware, software, programming, graphics, etc.


INTERNET (For students in the Internet mini course ONLY)


Internet Mini Standards

These standards are required of all STEM students interested in the Computer Specialist strand, and the Web/HTML Certification.


3D Game Simulation A


3D Game Simulation Link

Alice 2.4 Standards

These standards are suggested for all students interested in the STEM Computer Specialist strand, and the Programming Major.




Help Desk Curriculum and Internship - A Community Partnership between EGUSD and Apple that prepares students for help desk and call center internships. Intended for STEM students only.


Networking Fundamentals Certification - Completing these standards will make you one of the few high school students to have networking certification. Passing Nortel's industry test will earn you a valuable certificate and skill sheet.


MOS Certification - Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications. Become a "Specialist", "Expert", or "Master" of the Microsoft Office suite


Web / HTML Certification - Some Flash, HTML, and Dreamweaver Standards - (Certification standards will continue to accumulate here until we have a complete certification strand. In the mean time do these independant standards if you like)


A+ Computer Certification - This certification is the industry recognized A+ (computer repair) coursework. It contains all of the curriculum needed to pass the A+ Core hardware and software exams.


Programming Major

Completing these standards will give you the preparatory skills in programming structure and logic necessary to pursue a computer science degree in college. This program will eventually expand to include a variety of programming languages.

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