After School Education and Safety Program (ASES - formerly Twilight)

The ASES Program is an after school program designed to assist Elk Grove students and their parents. It is a partnership between home and school for the academic success of students and for the benefit of the entire family. Most of the funding for the program is from the ASES and 21st Century Learning Grants. Additional funds come from Elk Grove Unified School District, Title I, Emergency Immigrant Education and American Indian Education.

There are three components in the ASES Program:

  • Homework Assistance
  • Enrichment Activities
  • Literacy Component

What is the ASES Program?
The ASES program is an after school program originated by Prop 49 and currently administered by the California Department of Education and the After School Office.  ASES is a school and community partnership developed to engage students during the after school hours.  ASES offers homework assistance, literacy development and enrichment activities.  After school programs have been a part of the EGUSD learning community for over seventeen years and are an intricate part of its academic structure.

The program’s main purpose is to provide a safe learning environment for all students attending an ASES school and is open every regular school day until at least 6:00 p.m.  Those students that participate in ASES receive a healthy snack every day and are offered a variety of enrichment opportunities to help keep them connected and engaged in their school community.  ASES sites vary in their specific delivery model but all ASES programs must provide a nutritional daily snack, homework assistance, literacy support, a variety of enrichment activities and offer physical activities. 

In EGUSD, we have thirteen elementary and three middle schools that offer the ASES program.  Each site has a designated site Coordinator who directly manages and oversees its daily procedures.  At nine of our ASES sites, EGUSD maintains a strong partnership with the THINK Together, City of Sacramento, Department of Parks and Recreation and Target Excellence as part of our service delivery model.  EGUSD teachers, certificated and retired teachers, Para Educators, college interns and community participants make up the ASES staff.   Preschool classes may also be available during the program time. Pre-registration with the site Coordinator for both programs is required.

Who Participates?
Students in 1st through 6th grades attend and some sites allow preschool and Head Start classes to expand through the use of kindergarten classrooms. They are taught and tutored by instructional assistants, credentialed teachers, bilingual teaching associates, retired teachers, student volunteers providing community service, future teachers from universities and high schools, parents, and community members.

When Are Classes Held?
The ASES Program is open every school day from the end of the regular school day until 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Pre-registration for ASES is required and parents are expected to participate three hours each week.

Why Do Students Participate?
To improve their academic and social experience by taking advantage of opportunities for homework help and enrichment activities.

ASES Program Contacts:

Erin Sipes - Program Specialist
Learning Support Services
(916) 686-7712 x7128

Barbara Comstock Morse Elementary
(916) 688-8586

Samuel Kennedy Elementay
(916) 383-3311

David Reese Elementary
(916) 422-2450

Prairie Elementary
(916) 424-7665

Charles Mack Elementary
(916) 422-5524

Florin Elementary
(916) 383-6021

Franklin Elementary
(916) 684-6518

Roy Herburger Elementary
(916) 681-1390

Isabelle Jackson Elementary
(916) 689-2115

Anna Kirchgater Elementary
(916) 689-9150

James McKee Elementary
(916) 686-3715

Herman Leimbach Elementary
(916) 689-2120

John Reith Elementary
(916) 399-0110

Sierra Enterprise Elementary
(916) 381-2767

Mary Tsukamoto Elementary
(916) 689-7580

Union House Elementary
(916) 424-9201

Irene B. West Elementary
(916) 683-4362

Edward Harris, Jr. Middle School
(916) 688-0075

James Rutter Middle School
(916) 422-7590

Samuel Jackman Middle School
(916) 392-2352

Please contact the site or Learning Support Services at 686-7712 for more information.





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