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School Boundaries
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A Word About School Boundaries
The Elk Grove Unified School District must periodically change its school boundaries. Every time a new school is built, or the population in a particular area changes significantly, school boundaries must be adjusted. In practical terms, this means some students may have to change schools.

Please know the district cannot guarantee any child attendance at a particular school, regardless of where the child lives. However, every child is guaranteed a place somewhere in the district. In addition, there may be instances when a school is filled to capacity. This could result in new students being offloaded to another school in the district.

Registration is completed at the home school of the residing address (see School Locator below).

Please Note: For further information, please contact the Boundary Hotline at 916-686-7755.

School Locator
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The following are boundary maps for elementary and secondary.

Elementary Boundaries*

2016-2017 (full district view)

Enlarged maps of individual elementary school boundaries

Secondary Boundaries*

2016-2017 (full district view)

Enlarged maps of individual secondary school boundaries

To submit a question regarding the boundaries, click here.

Boundary Hot Line - 916-686-7755.


*The boundary maps are available by clicking on the above PDF links. If you don't already have the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader, please click here to download it for free.

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