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New to Elk Grove Unified School District
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Welcome to the Elk Grove Unified School District where more than 62,000 students attend 66 schools.

We are recognized nationally for having top quality teachers and staff, innovative programs, and safe, well-maintained schools. We offer an excellent academic program, up-to-date technology, civic values and ethics education at all grade levels. We have strong behavior standards and a wide variety of academic programs designed to meet every child's needs. Our programs include accelerated learning courses, advanced placement classes, college and career academies, and early intervention programs.

Our students represent California's great diversity: Our students speak more than 88 languages, 24 percent are White, 18 percent are African American, 26 percent are Latino, 23 percent are Asian, 8 percent are Pacific Islander/Filipino and 1 percent are American Indian.

If you are moving to the Elk Grove district, or have a child who will soon enter kindergarten, some important information about registering your child for school is listed below.

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You may register your child for the current school year at any time. Registration can be done at your child's home school as soon as residence within the district can be verified.

Documents Needed for Registration
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The following documents are required to register your child:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization record
  • Proof of residence within the district*
  • All students entering 7th grade will need to provide proof that they have received an adolescent pertussis (whooping cough) booster shot (Tdap) prior to starting school. 

* Residence Documents Required for Initial Enrollment for all K-12 Students:
Must produce ONE of the following for enrollment:

  • Property tax receipts for the current residence
  • Mortgage statements in parent/guardian name. If the home is under construction a title/deed or signed sales or purchase agreement in parent/guardian’s name will be accepted. A current PG&E, SMUD bill that indicates location of service, or a mortgage payment must be presented to the school within six months
  • Rental/Lease agreement – current or recently signed in parent/guardian name. Additionally, two consecutive months of a current PG&E or SMUD bill in the parent/guardian name must be presented to the school within two months


Must also produce ONE of the following for enrollment:

  • Parent/guardian’s motor vehicle registration with current residence
  • Parent/guardian’s driver’s license with current residence
  • Court documents indicating current residence
  • Payment verification (paid invoice, credit card receipt, cashed check) for 2 consecutive months of 2 of the following utilities: gas, electricity, water, or garbage for the current residence must be presented within 2 months of enrollment
  • Rent payment receipts for 2 consecutive months for the current residence must be presented within 2 months of enrollment
  • Documentation from the Department of Human Assistance with current residence

Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten Registration
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Link to 2016-2017 Registration Information

Boundary Information
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School Boundary Maps

If you want to know what school your child will attend, you may use the School Locator Tool online. If you need further assistance, please call the district's Boundary Hot Line at 916-686-7755, give your new address, and ask the following questions:

  1. Where will my child attend school?
  2. Have any boundary changes been approved for this area? If so, when will they take effect and where will my child attend school after they take effect?

Staff members answering the Boundary Hot Line can also answer other questions related to school boundaries.

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Link to EGUSD Forms

Transportation Information
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Link to Transportation Information



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