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EGUSD in the Spotlight
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EGUSD encourages the expansion of access into honors programs

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New EGUSD eligibility and selection criteria for Gifted and Talented Education (GATE), as well as for honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses, widen the entry for students interested in challenging themselves in programs and courses that help develop the “habits of mind” to support future college and career success. These new criteria aim to equitably and collaboratively engage students and their families to access rigorous instruction with support for intellectual, social and emotional needs. The revisions to the selection process and eligibility criteria were made to address concerns that under-represented students faced several barriers to access and to ensure that consistent practices existed among schools within the district. This new direction strengthens the District’s pursuit to “provide a learning community that challenges
students to realize their greatest potential.”

Last year, EGUSD established a GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) Planning Committee composed of parents, teachers, school leaders, and district administrators to review, research, and propose ways to expand GATE outreach, develop and evaluate equitable identification and selection criteria, and train staff.  With the nod of approval from the Office of Civil Rights this January, the expansion of GATE identification now has parents, teachers, and staff looking to include students who exhibit exceptional ability in creativity, leadership, visual and performing arts, academics, and cognition.

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Changes to the new GATE identification process will begin with staff training and by April 1, 2015, the District will work to ensure that this new method is uniformly implemented throughout the district and will provide outreach to families. Implementation of the new criteria for identification will continue into the 2015-2016 school year and formal GATE identification will begin in third grade and continue throughout high school.

In addition to GATE, EGUSD also reviewed and revised prerequisites and enrollment requirements for several honors/AP classes, both at the middle and high school levels.  A consistent selection process is being implemented at all EGUSD secondary schools.  Students will not need to complete a formal application or take placement tests – in most cases – to enroll in honors/AP classes. Click here to review the new prerequisites in the Middle School Course Catalog and Comprehensive High School Course Catalog. Enrollment in honors and AP courses help to prepare students for the rigors of college and may result in students earning college credit and potentially skipping college introductory courses if they do well on AP exams at the high school level.

At secondary school sites throughout the District, great strides are being made at increasing diversity in engaging programs that challenge students to be more creative, think critically, and solve problems. For example, at Katherine L. Albiani Middle School, counselors are taking the lead to personally contact qualified students and encourage them to try the honors classes. Counselors are also reaching out to parents to explain the advantages of enrolling in honors classes and answer any questions parents might have. Albiani Middle School exemplifies the leadership needed in schools and their efforts demonstrate the success of their outreach.  Recent African-American and Hispanic student enrollment rose in both Honors English and Social Science at the 7th and 8th grade levels.

At the northwest corner of the district, Valley High School re-invigorated its advocacy program to create an innovative method of student and staff engagement called Viking Time. Leadership at Valley brought together teachers, students, counselors, GEAR-UP representatives, and parents through School Site Council to carefully and thoughtfully plan Viking Time with the goal of matching students with the teachers they saw throughout the day. With this new framework in place that promoted relationship building, the team recruited Viking Time Leads who would teach teachers curriculum that included Viking Time Lessons to help educate all stakeholders in the importance of students’ success in honors/AP courses as a pathway to college. The success of the program has been palpable at Valley. Students and staff have given positive feedback about Viking Time and its lessons because teachers are no longer seeing just random students and can more effectively individualize information for students.

For additional information about the GATE program, or about honors or AP enrollment at particular schools, you are encouraged to contact the school’s principal.

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