Las Flores High School

Las Flores

Year Established: 1988
Mascot: Falcons
Colors: Blue and White

School History
This school was formerly known as Independent Study and was at several locations, although its purpose has always been the same. Las Flores is an alternative choice school that serves a mixed population of students including those on home study and those who work and attend school on flexible schedules. The school was formally organized long before it was given the name of Las Flores. The name means the flowers, and like the name of Florin, it reflects upon a quieter time in our past when wildflowers covered the rolling flatlands with their blooms. It also makes us remember that children, like flowers, often bloom at different times, and some need different kinds of schedules and schooling to be successful.

Las Flores High School Logo

Principal – Alan Williams
Secretary – Lee Johnson

Contact Information
6131 Orange Avenue
Sacramento CA 95823
Phone: (916) 427-5428
Fax: (916) 391-2017

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