Florin Elementary School

Florin Elementary School Photo

Year Established: 1887
Mascot: Bears
Colors: Red and White
Slogan: “Where Students come to Learn”

School History
The first Florin School of 1887 was located on McComber Lane just east of the railroad tracks. It was a one-room structure just as were all the little schools of the area. The present building that dates to 1956 is the fourth site of Florin School. The second school still stands on Florin Road and is used by Elk Grove’s Adult Education program. In 1914, this school had the distinction of being one of only four segregated schools in California. A new brick building was built west of town – the Caucasian children went to the new school, and the Japanese children attended the old school. The two schools were referred to as the East School and the West School, and they stayed segregated until 1939. The West school was destroyed by vandals in the 1970s, but the East School lives on. The name of Florin comes from the railroad stop town designated as such by Judge E. B. Crocker who was impressed with the multitude of wild flowers in the area – thus the Spanish Flor for flower.

Florin Elementary School Bears Logo
Principal – Wilbert Villalta
Vice Principal – Molly Sangalang
Secretary – Maria Del Toro Gonzalez

Contact Information
7300 Kara Drive
Sacramento, CA 95828
Phone: (916) 383-0530
Fax: (916) 383-6404

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