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Summer School
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The Elk Grove Unified School District currently faces the need to cut $60.5 million from its budget by the 2010-2011 school year. One of the areas identified for reduction is the regular summer school programs that students have enjoyed in past years. The district certainly understands the importance and benefits of summer school, but does not have the funding to support it during summer 2010. While the district is unable to offer the formerly robust summer programs, the following offerings will be in place:

High School Students with Credit Deficiencies
All 9 EGUSD comprehensive high schools will offer a limited online program for students who are credit-deficient and at risk of not graduating.  Students interested in this program should contact their counselor to see if they qualify.

Cosumnes River College Summer Classes
Cosumnes River College offers students age 16 or older the opportunity to take classes through their programs.   To enroll, high school students must be a junior or senior with a minimum of a 2.75 Grade Point Average.  For more information, contact your student’s counselor.

Always Learning 4 Kids Summer School Programs
Fee based summer school classes for elementary students will be available for elementary students.  For more information, click here.

Special Education – Extended School Year
Students with special needs who have an extended school year as part of their Individual Education Plan (IEP) will continue to be offered this service during Summer 2010.  In addition, Jessie Baker School will continue to serve students during the summer according to their IEP.




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