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Summer School
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2014 Summer School
At the April 22 Board meeting, the Board of Education took action to dedicate $3.2 million to summer school and intersession programs.  This summer, the program is using one-time funds, and next year the summer program will use $2.2 million of on-going funds and $1 million of one-time funds.

The following is a summary of the type of summer school programs EGUSD schools are offering this year. Please contact your child’s school for more details.

Middle and High Schools

  1. Summer school will be held at all middle and high schools.
  2. There is an increase in the number and type of courses offered, to include enrichment options, as well as credit recovery and intervention courses.  
  3. There will be a 6th to 7th grade transition program at all middle schools.

Elementary Schools

  1. Summer school programs will be held at all of our traditional and modified traditional calendar schools.  
  2. Inter session and extended day learning opportunities will be held at all our schools on year round schedules.
  3. The above programs will focus on early literacy and early numeracy. 
  4. There will also be remediation as well as some enrichment programs and activities.





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