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Mary Tsukamoto Elementary School
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8737 Brittany Park Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95828
Voice: 916-689-7580
Fax: 916-682-7955

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Principal - Elizabeth Rueda
Vice Principal - Deborah Cardin
Secretary - Lidia Ormonde

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School History
Mary Tsukamoto was a graduate of local schools and an Elk Grove teacher who made many contributions to protect the civil liberties of all citizens. She was recognized by local, state and national organizations for her patriotism and educational endeavors and for her historical perseverance to uphold the United States Constitution. Mrs. Tsukamoto was a long time Florin resident, but she lived in Elk Grove at the time of her death in 1998. She is still featured in a comprehensive exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. that was established in 1987 to celebrate the Constitution's 200th anniversary. The exhibit, called "And Justice For All" focuses on the internment of Japanese Americans, including those who were citizens, during World War II. This event was chosen to represent a time when the U.S. Constitution failed to protect its citizens. Mrs. Tsukamoto was the co-author of We the People, A Story of Internment in America (1987 - with Elizabeth Pinkerton)


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