EGUSD administers a variety of surveys to students and families each year to obtain feedback, suggestions, and perspectives on our most important efforts. Below you can access copies of the survey forms that are distributed and view results as they are made publicly available.

Social-emotional Skills Survey 2020-21

The district’s annual student survey of social emotional skills is used to assess students’ capacity to integrate skills, attitudes, and behaviors to deal effectively and ethically with daily tasks and challenges.

Fall 2020 Social Emotional Learning Student Survey – English
Encuesta del Aprendizaje Social-Emocional del Estudiante, otoño del 2020 – Spanish
Daim Ntawv Sojntsuam Rau Tub Ntxhais txojkev xav kev totaub thiab kev sis raug zoo nrog lwm tus thaum lub caij nplooj ntoos zeeg 2020 – Hmong
Khảo Sát Học Sinh Học Tập Cảm Xúc Xã Hội Mùa Thu năm 2020 – Vietnamese