image of colonial soldiers

Photo: Gettysburg Battlefield, Summer 2008 Cohort

"The way to secure Liberty is to place it in the people's hands, that is, to give them a power at all times to defend it in the legislation and in the courts of justice."

- John Adams

Grant Partners

Teaching American History (TAH) Grant Partners

TAH Grant #3 - The American Citizen:  A Study of Liberty and Rights

California State University, Sacramento

The DBQ Project

The Constitutional Rights Foundation

Birmingham Civil Rights Movement

National Archives and Records Administration

California Museum of History, Women, and the Arts

TAH Grant #2 – Founding Documents in American History: A Passport to Liberty

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

The American Institute for History Education

TAH Grant #1

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

The National Council for History Education




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Note: Image of soldiers in TAH logo was copied with permission from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.