College Entrance Requirements

ABC in A through G Graphic

High school students who receive A, B, or C grades in A-G courses get a boost towards college and careers.

The A-G course pathway is designed around the minimum course requirements students must have to enter a University of California or California State University school. While the A-G courses are only required by UC and CSU, many other colleges and universities require similar classes for admission. In addition, the A-G classes are a strong foundation on which students can build careers.

“The A-G requirements are submitted by the CSU Chancellors office and the Regents of the University of California and are, generally, the most rigorous for the development and preparation of skills needed by a student to gain entrance into honors, AP courses and admission into the four year colleges and universities,” said Ralph Robles, district head counselor.  In order for a student to earn an A, B, or C in an A-G course they must develop discipline, academic skills, note-taking, organizational and writing skills that increase a student’s motivation towards career awareness.”

A-G requires a minimum 15-unit pattern of courses for admission as a first-time freshman to the UC and CSU systems. A grade of C or higher is required for the course to count as an admission requirement to a UC or CSU school.

“In today’s competitive market for college acceptance, students looking for ways to best improve their college competitiveness should access their school’s A-G course list to view and select academic electives above and beyond the minimums,” said Sandi Allen, a college and career counselor at Franklin High School.

While the A-G courses fulfill many of our district’s graduation requirements, there are some classes that students will have to complete in addition to A-G courses in order to receive a diploma.

Please refer to the High School Course Catalog and College/Career Planning Guide for more information on graduation requirements.

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