This dashboard provides current EGUSD COVID-19 reported positive cases and quarantines associated with schools and District office locations. The data reflects only staff and students who were present on an EGUSD school or work site. If a school is not listed in the COVID-19 Dashboard, they haven’t had any reported positive cases on campus. Positive and quarantine cases for staff and students who were not on-site are not included in this data. Data will be updated every Tuesday and Friday.

Multiple Ways to View Dashboard Data

  • Select a name from the District Location drop down menu to see cases per school/location. You may select more than one to see combined results.
  • Use the Year and Month menu to select historical data.
  • Use the blue squares on the left to sort and view data by location.
  • Use the purple rectangles to sort and view data by staff or students.
  • Click on sections of the pie chart for total cases by level.
  • View total positive cases and total quarantine cases by site.
  • Click the Reset Visuals button to return to default data.