Elk Grove Unified Substitute Recruitment

Due to COVID’s impact on our schools’ academic program structure, EGUSD is accepting applications but will only be able to process new applicants on a case by case basis until we return back to in-person instruction.

Please continue to check back with us after schools open back up to in-person instruction.

Thank you for your interest in EGUSD.

How to Become a Substitute Teacher in the Elk Grove Unified School District

Bachelor’s Degree (BA or BS) or Higher Required 

If you do NOT have a Credential nor Emergency 30 Day Teaching Permit:

EGUSD can assist you in applying for your Emergency 30 Teaching Day Permit if you have not yet applied for one. The Substitute Teacher position requires you to have a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

To apply to the Substitute Teacher position – You will need to attach the following documents to your Edjoin application:

  • Resume
  • CBEST or Equivalent –
  • Certificate of Clearance or Live scan Form 41-LS for CTC
    • This clearance is a CTC requirement and is not done through the EGUSD Fingerprinting Office. You will need to take the Live scan Form 41-LS for CTC to a UPS store or similar for this background check. For additional information, please visit CTC Fingerprinting FAQ.
  • Apply to the Substitute Teacher posting via Edjoin:
  • After you are recommended for hire, Sub Services will contact you via email, with the next steps to obtain your Emergency 30 Day Teaching permit. You will receive on-boarding information as well as EGUSD fingerprinting information for employment purposes.  This will be a second set of fingerprints clearance.  (1st for CTC and 2nd for employment purposes with EGUSD)

Substitute Pay Rates

Certificated Substitute Compensation Rates

For additional information please contact one of our Substitute Technicians:

Michelle Duran
Personnel Technician
Human Resources

Cynthia Steinman
Personnel Technician
Human Resources

Substitute Sick Leave

Frequently Asked Questions
Substitute Employee Paid Sick Leave Request Form

Note to Substitute Employees: Please ensure all fields  of the Substitute Employee Paid Sick Leave Request form are properly completed, this is required documentation and must be submitted to Human Resources no later than the 10th of each month payable on the next payroll. Incomplete forms will result in a denial of pay and will be returned to the employee for completion. The fully completed and hand signed form will be accepted via US mail, District mail, scanned as an attachment to an email or can be hand delivered to the Human Resources department Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

SmartFind Express

Phone: (916) 512-8568
SmartFind Express information and log on link