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College and Career Connections

Photo of LCHS GETA students
The Elk Grove Unified School District’s Linked Learning program provides students with an educational experience that extends beyond the classroom and reaches into the future. We strive to guide each student in preparation for college and career. Through our career academies and pathways, students can explore a number of career fields including public service, business, health, engineering, green energy, agricultural science, auto technology and media.
Students in career academies join a Linked Learning team of teachers and participate in integrated series of core academic and Career Technical Education (CTE) courses related to a career theme. Students in non-academy career pathways engage in intensive, extended training with a particular career focus. Both academies and pathways offer opportunities for students to earn transferable college credits or industry certifications.
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College and Career Connections Administration

Phone:  (916) 686-7709
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College and Career Connections
Elk Grove Unified School District
8401 Gerber Road
Sacramento, CA 95828 


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California Logo provides students with an all-inclusive guide for their college and career paths and enables educators to track their progress. The platform also provides families with the tools they need to support their students as they navigate the college, career and financial aid planning processes.