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Finance and School Support

The Finance and School Support Division is overseen by the district Chief Financial Officer and is comprised of: Accounting, Budget, Fiscal Compliance, Fiscal Services, Payroll and Benefits, and Risk Management.



Finance and School Support Administration
Amari Watkins - Chief Financial Officer
Phone:  (916) 686-7744
Mailing Address:
Finance and School Support
Elk Grove Unified School District
9510 Elk Grove Florin Road
Elk Grove, CA  95624


Audit reports must be filed with the California Department of Education (CDE), the State Controller’s Office (SCO), the local County Superintendent of Schools, and, if applicable, the chartering entity, by December 15 of each year.
The audit is a review of compliance and fiscal internal controls and provides financial status information of assets and liabilities.
Audit Archives

Audit Archives


EGUSD – Year Ending 6-30-2018
Audit Report | Measure M Financial StatementsMeasure M Performance Audit     



EGUSD – Year Ending 6-30-2016
Audit Letter | Audit Report



EGUSD – Year Ending 6-30-2014
Audit Report and Letter


EGUSD – Year Ending 6-30-2013
Audit Report


EGUSD – Year Ending 6-30-2012
Audit Report


EGUSD – Year Ending 6-30-2011
Audit Report


EGUSD – Year Ending 6-30-2010
Audit Report


EGUSD – Year Ending 6-30-2009
Audit Report

Finance Committee

The Elk Grove Unified School District has long had a community advisory Finance Committee which includes parent, community member and high school student representatives. Community committee members are appointed by the superintendent and members of the Board of Education and served two year terms. The committee met a minimum of four times a year to review and discuss the Elk Grove Unified School District’s budget.
The role of the finance committee was to:
  • Review the annual budget and interim financial reports and provide comment when deemed necessary.
  • Provide opinions on current fiscal strategies for the district.
  • Identify potential fiscal problems and refer them to the Superintendent and staff for analysis.
  • Provide an annual written report of the Committee’s activities to the Board.
  • Provide any oral presentations to the Board of Education at the Board’s request or at the Committee’s initiative.
  • Serve as an ad hoc resource for specific research or study as requested by the Board and/or Superintendent.

Finance Committee Meeting Agendas