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The EGUSD program for gifted, talented, and high potential students will discover and nurture students with an  exceptional level of performance in diverse areas of expression. The program will equitably and collaboratively  engage students and their families to access rigorous instruction with support for intellectual, social and  emotional needs.
To support GATE students each school has a program to meet the needs of their students. This program is aligned  and integrated with the school’s curriculum and instruction. The program is developed with the collaboration of  the school principal, the school GATE coordinator, and the input of students and their guardians. EGUSD does not  transfer students to a new school for GATE services.
The benefits for students participating in the GATE program at their school include:
  • Engaging students in challenging learning to promote creativity and critical thinking
  • Developing thinking skills and “habits of mind” to support future success in rigorous courses
  • Introducing students to areas of interest that can be pursued in middle and high school
  • Beginning the path for students to potentially skip introductory college courses and earn college credit while still in high school
GATE identification begins in the third grade, and students may be identified for exhibiting exceptional ability in any one of  the following areas: Cognitive Ability, Academic Ability, Leadership Ability, Creative Ability, and Visual and Performing Arts  Ability.
The District GATE Committee reviews each of these areas on a specific timeline throughout the year. The timeline is  determined each fall, and is communicated to parents by the school. Additionally, all third-grade students are tested for  identification in the Cognitive Ability area using the NNAT assessment.
For more information regarding identification and services, please contact the GATE Coordinator at your child’s school.
(916) 686-7712
Mailing Address:
GATE Program
School Improvement Support
Elk Grove Unified School District
9510 Elk Grove Florin Road
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