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Title I funds are allocated by districts to schools based on numbers of low-income students according to free/reduced price  mealsand/or CalWORKs (formerly known as Aid to Families with Dependent Children).
Title I Schools

Title I Schools

For more information on the Title I Program, you may contact your child’s school or School Improvement Support at (916) 686-7712.

Elementary Schools

Maeola R. Beitzel  
Arthur C. Butler  
Raymond Case  
Elitha Donner  
John Ehrhardt  
Robert J. Fite  
Roy Herburger  
Isabelle Jackson
Samuel Kennedy  
Anna Kirchgater
Herman Leimbach
Charles Mack  
James McKee  
Marion Mix
Barbara Comstock Morse 
David Reese  
John  Reith  
Sierra Enterprise  
Mary Tsukamoto  
Union House  
Irene B. West

High Schools

Monterey Trail

Middle Schools

Edward Harris, Jr.
Samuel Jackman
James Rutter
T.R. Smedberg

Alternative Schools

Jessie Baker School
William Daylor
Las Flores
Rio Cazadero
(916) 686-7712
Mailing Address:
School Improvement Support – Title I
Elk Grove Unified School District
9510 Elk Grove-Florin Road
Elk Grove, CA 95624