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Carmine Forcina Carmine S. Forcina was elected to the Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Education to represent Trustee Area 7 in November 2012. 
Mr. Forcina puts children first and always asks the hard questions.  His work with many stakeholders shows his commitment to creating transparent and efficient processes. He serves on the District’s Finance Audit Committee to ensure District accountability and he collaborates with many stakeholders on the allocation of District funds and resources as a member of the Local Control Accountability Plan Consultation Committee. His leadership in collaboration with District staff on the Student Attendance Review Board Special Task Force helped to successfully bring together disparate groups with the aim of reducing chronic absenteeism and increasing daily attendance. The multiple jurisdictions the District shares with other cities also provide Mr. Forcina with an opportunity to influence educational initiatives in the Rancho Cordova area.
His vision for the District includes the encouragement of partnerships with cadres of volunteers and equality between all schools. Mr. Forcina believes in creating balance, respect and open communication as well as improving educational opportunities for all learners. He advocates for finding new funding resources to help teachers receive materials and resources necessary to address the individual learning needs of students.
Prior to coming to the Sacramento area, Mr. Forcina worked for the Santa Clara County Office of Education where he was a teacher, principal and Assistant Superintendent of Student Services. Mr. Forcina has direct experience with general education, special education, infant and preschool programs, Head Start, migrant education, Regional Occupational Training programs and alternative school programs, such as community schools, independent study, juvenile hall, children’s shelter and ranches.  Coupled with his direct educational experience, Mr. Forcina has extensive experience in budget and finance, community outreach and employee/employer relations.
Mr. Forcina has lived in the Sacramento region for the past eleven years.  He has several grandchildren who attend Elk Grove Unified schools and enjoys spending time as a volunteer at each site. He holds a B.A. in Biology and an M.A. in Education of Exceptional Children. He is a retired educator with credentials in elementary teaching and administration.