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Student Board Member

Student Board Member

Oliver Trach
Elk Grove Unified is proud to introduce its 2022-2023 Student Board Member, Oliver Trach from Laguna Creek High School. The EGUSD School Board voted and confirmed Trach as the District’s Student Board Member at the May 17, 2022 Board meeting. Trach will serve a one-year term as preferential voting member at EGUSD Board meetings starting July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.
A junior at Laguna Creek High School, Trach is multilingual, competes in cross country, and is a member of the school’s Key Club, marching band and jazz band.
Trach says he was inspired to run for the student board member position through his participation with Laguna Creek Student Equity Council and his desire to ensure all students elementary to high school have the best learning experience. 
"With the opportunity to serve as the EGUSD student board member, I hope to leave a positive impact by being able to effectively communicate and represent the student voice,” says Trach. “Especially as diverse as our district is, I want to be able to ensure that the learning environment is welcoming and enjoyable to students of all backgrounds. I’d also like to further the many connections the previous Student Board Member has built to help improve insight on student voice. For the next Student Board member, I want to leave behind helpful tips and knowledge I will have accumulated over the year as well as connections with others that will aid them in their term as the previous Student Board Member, Jaimee Nguyen, did for me."
“We are thrilled to have Oliver Trach join our Board of Trustees for the 2022-23 school year. The Student Board Member plays an integral role in speaking on behalf of EGUSD students and shaping the work that we do. I appreciate Mr. Trach’s willingness to take on this important responsibility and look forward to seeing him grow as a leader,” says EGUSD Superintendent Christopher R. Hoffman.

“Oliver is a fantastic role model and will be an inspiration to all students throughout the district. He is a bright, hard working, and thoughtful young man who will represent our students with integrity,” says Laguna Creek High School Principal Mark Benson.