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The Elk Grove Unified School District is governed by an elected seven member Board of Education. The board members represent seven geographic areas and are elected at large for four year terms.

Beth Albiani

Beth Albiani
Trustee Area 5
Carmine Forcina

Carmine S. Forcina
Trustee Area 7
Sean Yang

Sean J. Yang
Trustee Area 3
Board Member Terms

Board Member Terms

Area   Board Member Term Ends
1 Anthony Perez 12/2024
2 Michael Vargas 12/2026
3 Sean J. Yang 12/2024
4 Gina Jamerson 12/2026
5 Beth Albiani 12/2026
6 Nancy Chaires Espinoza 12/2024
7 Carmine Forcina 12/2024
Student Board Member Term

Student Board Member Term

Isabella Sigal will serve a one-year term as preferential voting member at EGUSD Board meetings starting July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024.