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Elk Grove Unified regularly seeks to involve students, parents and certificated employees to represent their school site and their fellow students, parents and teachers. These committees provide opportunities for parents, students and certificated staff to volunteer and serve as valuable assets to our schools and communities.

Superintendent’s District Committees

  • Parent Advisory Committee
  • Student Advisory Committee
  • Certificated Advisory Committee
If you are interested in participating, contact your or your child’s school principal to learn how you can become involved on an advisory committee. Engaging stakeholders in the development of the LCAP is a requirement of law. Specifically, the Education Code requires that school districts and COEs consult with teachers, principals, administrators, other school personnel, local bargaining units, parents, and students. Engaging stakeholders is one way to build a shared understanding of the LCFF and LCAP requirements, facilitate the successful implementation of these new laws and secure support for and ownership of improved outcomes for student.
  • CAC: Community Advisory Committee (Special Education)
  • CCSS Advisory: Common Core State Standards Advisory Committee
  • CTEAC: Career Technical Education Advisory Committee (College and Career Options)
  • DAC: District Advisory Committee
  • DELAC: District English Learners Advisory Committee
  • FBSU: Families of Black Students United
  • GATE: Gifted and Talented Education Planning Committee
  • SSHS: Student Support & Health Services Advisory (Foster Youth, Homeless)
  • Native American Parent Committee
  • Wellness Collaborative