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Community Input/Surveys

EGUSD administers a variety of surveys to students and families each year to obtain feedback, suggestions, and perspectives on our most important efforts. Below you can access copies of the survey forms that are distributed and view results as they are made publicly available.

Open Surveys

Phase II EGUSD COVID-19 Safety Plan Feedback Survey
The revised “Phase II EGUSD COVID-19 Safety Plan” was updated to reflect current CDPH and SCPH guidance and is posted on our District's COVID-19 Safety Plan web page. We welcome your feedback on this latest revision.

Closed Surveys

2021-22 Student Climate Survey
The district’s annual student survey with questions about campus safety, connectedness with peers and teachers, and classroom climate.

Elementary: English | Spanish | Hmong | Vietnamese
Secondary: English | Spanish | Hmong | Vietnamese
Note: The Student Climate Survey was administered through an online collector. The above links provide a PDF of the survey questions.
Student CORE Climate, Percent Favorable - District | School
Student CORE Climate, Detailed Response Distributions - District | School
Instruction and Classroom Conditions - District | School

2021-22 LCAP Needs Survey
The LCAP Needs Survey is used to gather input in regards to prioritizing funding for various priorities to be included in the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). The input will be used to help determine budgetary decisions and establish priorities for programs like the arts and after school tutoring.
Student Survey Questions
English | Spanish | Hmong | Vietnamese
Parent Survey Questions
English | Spanish | Hmong | Vietnamese
2021-2022 LCAP Needs Student Survey Results - District | School
2021-2022 LCAP Needs Parent Survey Results - District | School

2021-22 Facilities Community Survey
The Facilities Community Survey, administered as a component of the LCAP Needs Survey, is used to gather input regarding impressions of school site facilities and grounds, priorities for improvement, and options to address overcrowding in schools. The input will be used to inform updates to the master facilities plan.
Facilities Community Survey Questions
English | Spanish | Hmong | Vietnamese

Winter 2021-22 Social Emotional Learning Student Survey
The district’s annual student survey of social emotional skills is used to assess students’ capacity to integrate skills, attitudes, and behaviors to deal effectively and ethically with daily tasks and challenges.
Note: The SEL Student Survey was administered through Illuminate. The above links provide a PDF of the survey questions.

Archived Surveys ( 2020-2021)

Archived Surveys ( 2020-2021)

Archived Surveys

Distance Learning Reflection Survey (May 2020)
As a follow-up to the Connectivity and Communication survey, EGUSD distributed a Distance Learning (DL) Reflection survey to parents and students on May 17, 2020. The primary focus of this survey was to measure student engagement and satisfaction with distance learning and to gain a better understanding of the various instructional practices used across grade levels and individual classrooms. Once again, the surveys were available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Hmong and survey distribution methods included email, text messaging, fliers during meal pickups, and personalized phone outreach. For families who responded with serious concerns about areas such as community support or perceived low levels of school communication, employees from the Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Office followed up individually with families to address concerns. The District received a total of 4,861 responses from parents and 12,978 from students.
Distance Learning Connectivity and Communication Survey (April 2020)
Shortly after EGUSD began full distance learning on April 16, 2020, the District sent a Connectivity and Communication survey to parents and students in order to gauge our community’s access to technological devices, internet service, technical assistance, and teaching/learning supports necessary for successful distance learning. Survey forms and accompanying informational fliers were translated into Spanish, Vietnamese, and Hmong (the top three languages in the district other than English). The District distributed the survey links via email, text messaging, and fliers to families participating in the meal pickup services. In addition, district staff engaged in personalized phone outreach to families historically underrepresented in electronic survey responses. Respondents who indicated insufficient technology for distance learning were asked to include contact information for follow-up assistance. In sum, the District received 7,286 responses from parents and 10,014 from students.