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District Flyer Approval

Subject to specific parameters contained in EGUSD board policy and administrative regulation 1325, EGUSD allows for the distribution of printed materials prepared by governmental agencies, service organizations, or school related organizations, or non-profit non-school groups which publicize community services, special events and public meetings of interest to students and parents/guardians, thus extending the community’s cultural, recreational, artistic, or educational opportunities, and which do not promote any particular commercial or political interest.
All flyers must go through the District’s approval process. When submitting a flyer request, please include the following information:
  • The organization must include their non-profit tax identification number on the request (not the flyer).
  • The organization must clearly state the school site(s) or grade levels(s) for which you are requesting distribution.
  • The organization must submit the appropriate translation as required by EdCode 48985. Please scroll down to “Community Members” for details.
  • The District’s disclaimer must be noted in a text box in 14 point font clearly located and legible either at the top and/or the bottom of the flyer. (The idea being that it not be “hidden” within the text, rather in an obvious and consistent location.)

The EGUSD disclaimer states:
  • “This is not an Elk Grove Unified School District sponsored program and EGUSD accepts no liability or responsibility for this program/activity.”
  • “Este no es un programa patrocinado por el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Elk Grove y EGUSD no acepta el riesgo o la responsabilidad de este programa/actividad.”
  • “Qhov no tsi yog Elk Grove Unified School District kev txhawb nqa rau tej yam kev kawm program/lossis activity li no thiab yuav tsi lav dabtsi yog muaj teebmeem.”
  • “Đây không phải là chương trình được tài trợ bởi Học khu Elk Grove và Học Khu Elk Grove không chịu trách nhiệm hoặc trách nhiệm cho chương trình/hoạt động này.”


The printing and distribution of the flyers is the responsibility of the person/organization who has submitted the flyer.

For elementary school (PreK-6) flyer approval, contact Elementary Education at (916) 686-7704 or
For middle or high school flyer approval, contact Secondary Education at (916) 686-7706 or

Community Members

Please be advised regarding the flyer approval process. California Education Code 48985 states that when 15% or more of the pupils enrolled at a school speak a single primary language other than English, all notices, reports, statements, being sent or distributed by a school site must be written in English AND in the primary language of the parent/guardian.
Not all schools will need a translation.

Schools Requiring English & Spanish Flyer Submissions:

Elementary Sites:
  • Anna Kirchgater
  • Charles Mack
  • David Reese
  • Florin
  • Herman Leimbach
  • John Reith
  • Prairie
  • Samuel Kennedy
  • Sierra Enterprise
  • Union House
Middle School Sites:
  • James Rutter
  • Samuel Jackman
High School Sites:
  • Florin
  • Valley
Alternative/Continuation Sites:
  • Calvine
  • Rio Cazadero
  • William Daylor
  • Jessie Baker School
  • Elk Grove Charter School

It is important to know that this 15% may change from year to year but the schools listed above reflect the current needs for the 2023-2024 academic year.
Upon receipt of your English/Translated flyer, we will follow the existing review process already in place.
If you have any questions or need more information regarding the amended Ed Code as a requirement of Categorical Program Monitoring, please contact a representative in our Multilingual Education Department at (916) 793-2953.
If you have general questions about flyer submissions, please contact the elementary division at (916) 686-7704 or, or the secondary division at (916) 686-7706 or