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District Operating Budget

EGUSD Total Operating Budget

EGUSD Total Operating Budget

Elk Grove Unified operates a total budget of approximately $875.6 million. A wide variety of instructional, educational support and general support programs are included in the General Fund. Categorical projects funded by Federal, State, County and Local sources are also reported in this fund.
The majority of the funding for General Fund district services is provided by (state and local tax dollars) based on student attendance. These funds are included in the unrestricted General Fund. The restricted General Fund incorporates funding from the state and Federal government as well as local agencies which includes but is not limited to Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), special education and Lottery (Prop. 20). The district can and does contract with other agencies, such as the Sacramento County Office of Education, to provide special services to some of its students.
The remaining Other Funds provide for self-insurance and the acquisition, construction, maintenance, and startup of necessary facilities to house the student population and their related support services. Income for the facility construction has been provided, in part, by the State’s Office of Public School Construction, local developer fees, and voter-approved Mello-Roos bonds.

State Reports

School districts are required to submit specific reports to the county superintendent of schools to show their financial planning and fiscal health. These reports are the Adopted Budget, First Interim, Second Interim, and Unaudited Actuals.
Annually the school district governing board holds a public hearing on the budget to be adopted and adopts a budget by July 1 and files the budget with the county superintendent of schools. The budget and supporting data is maintained and available for public review. The board adopts a budget after the board adopts its local control and accountability plan. It is required that the budget includes the expenditures necessary to implement the local control and accountability plan or the annual update to a local control and accountability plan that is effective during the subsequent fiscal year. [EC 42126, EC 42127(a)(2)]
During the fiscal year the school district superintendent submits two interim reports to the governing board covering the district’s financial and budgetary status for the periods ending October 31 and January 31.
At the close of the fiscal year the school district superintendent submits unaudited actuals reports to the governing board covering the district’s financial status for the period ending June 30.

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