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Job Descriptions


Academic Intervention Teacher (EGEA)
Academic Program Coordinator (Management)
Accounting Analyst (Confidential)
Accounting Technician I (AFSCME)
Accounting Technician II (AFSCME)
Activities Director (EGEA)
Adapted Physical Education Teacher (EGEA)
Administrative Assistant I (Confidential)
Administrative Assistant II (Confidential)
Administrative Assistant III (Confidential)
Admissions Representative and Technician (AFSCME)
Afterschool Academic Program Coordinator (Management)
Application Support and Programming Manager (Management)
Area Supervisor – Custodial (Confidential)
Area Supervisor – Grounds (Confidential)
Area Supervisor – Maintenance (Confidential)
Area Supervisor – Maintenance and Operations Water Quality (Confidential)
Assessment and Evaluation Technician I (AFSCME)
Assessment and Evaluation Technician II (AFSCME)
Assessment and Evaluation Technician III (AFSCME)
Assistive Technology Specialist (AS)
Athletic Director (EGEA)
Athletics Facilities Office Technician (AFSCME)
Attendance Accounting Specialist (AS)
Attendance Technician (AFSCME)
Autism Support Provider/Autism Coach (EGEA)



CALPADS Coordinator and Data Specialist (AS)
Campus Supervisor (AFSCME)
Campus Supervisor, Community Day School (AFSCME)
Campus Supervisor, Continuation School (AFSCME)
Career Center Technician – Elk Grove Adult and Community Education (AFSCME)
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) (NUHW)
Chief Facilities Officer (Management)
Child Associate (CSEA)
College and Career Pathways Counselor (EGEA)
Communications Assistant (Confidential)
Communications Specialist (Confidential)
Communications Manager (Management)
Community Partnership Coordinator – Family and Community Engagement (FACE) (Management)
Community Services Administrator (Management)
Computer Repair Shop Lead – BTTI (AS)
Computer Support Help Desk Specialist I (AFSCME)
Computer Support Help Desk Specialist II (AFSCME)
Computer Support Help Desk Specialist III (AFSCME)
Computer Training and Support Specialist I (AS)
Computer Training and Support Specialist II (AS)
Computer Training and Support Specialist III (AS)
Construction Project Manager I (Management)
Construction Project Manager II (Management)
Construction Project Manager III (Management)
Construction Records Technician (AFSCME)
Construction Specialist (AFSCME)
Construction Technician I (AFSCME)
Construction Technician II (AFSCME)
Construction Technician III (AFSCME)
Continuation School Secretary (AS)
Continuous Improvement Support Leader (Management)
Coordinator – Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) (Management)
Coordinator I – College & Career Connections (Management)
Coordinator – Curriculum and Professional Learning (Management)
Coordinator, Health Services (Management)
Coordinator of Prevention and Intervention (Management)
Coordinator, Special Education (Management)
Coordinator – Student Support and Health Services (Management)
Counseling College and Career Technician (AFSCME)
Counselor (EGEA)
Curriculum and Instruction Coach (EGEA)
Curriculum and Instruction Coach Pre-K-12 (EGEA)
Curriculum and Instruction Coach K-12 (EGEA)
Curriculum Specialist (EGEA)
Custodian I (AFSCME)
Custodian II (AFSCME)


Data Archive Technician (AFSCME)
Data Integration Support Specialist (AS)
Data Processing Assistant (AFSCME)
Database Coordinator (AS)
Desktop Support and Helpdesk Manager (Management)
Director – Alternative Education (Management)
Director – Career Technical Education and Educational Options (Management)
Director – Communications/Public Information Officer
Director – Construction (Management)
Director – Curriculum (Management)
Director – Development (Management)
Director – Early Childhood Education (Management)
Director – Educational Equity (Management)
Director – Elementary Education (Management)
Director – English Learner Services (Management)
Director – Expanded Learning (Management)
Director – Family and Community Engagement (Management)
Director – Finance (Management)
Director – Fiscal Compliance (Management)
Director – Fiscal Services (Management)
Director – Food and Nutrition Services (Management)
Director – Human Resources (Management)
Director – Instructional Support (Management)
Director – Learning Support Services (Management)
Director – Maintenance and Operations (Management)
Director – Personnel Development (Management)
Director – Planning (Management)
Director – Prevention and Intervention (Management)
Director – Professional Learning (Management)
Director – Purchasing and Warehouse (Management)
Director – Research and Evaluation (Management)
Director - School Improvement Support (Management)
Director – Secondary Education (Management)
Director – Special Education SELPA (Management)
Director – State and Federal Programs (Management)
Director – Student Support and Health Services (Management)
Director – Summer School, Intersession and Extended Day (Management)
Director – Transportation (Management)
Director – Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) (Management)












Paraeducator I (CSEA)
Paraeducator II (CSEA)
Paraeducator III (CSEA)
Paraeducator IV (CSEA)
Paraeducator - Early Childhood Education (CSEA)
Parent Liaison (CSEA)
Payroll Technician I (AFSCME)
Payroll Technician II (AFSCME)
Payroll Technician III (AFSCME)
Personnel Analyst (Confidential)
Personnel Assistant I (AFSCME)
Personnel Technician (AS)
Personnel Technician III (AS)
Physical Therapist (Confidential)
Planner I (AFSCME)
Planner II (AFSCME)
Planner III (AFSCME)
Position Control Specialist (Confidential)
Pre-K Instructor (CSEA)
Preschool Parent Education Teacher (EGEA)
Prevention and Intervention Specialist (Management)
Preventive Maintenance Technician – Custodial (AFSCME)
Preventive Maintenance Technician – Food Nutrition Services (AFSCME)
Principal – Adult and Community Education (Management)
Principal – Continuation (Management)
Principal – Elementary (Management)
Principal – High School (Management)
Principal – Middle School (Management)
Principal – Special Education (Management)
Principal on Special Assignment – Secondary Education (Management)
Principal on Special Assignment – Student Services (Management)
Print Shop Equipment Operator (AFSCME)
Print Shop Finisher (AFSCME)
Professional Learning Technician I (AFSCME)
Professional Learning Technician III (AFSCME)
Program Administrator (Management)
Program Administrator – Adult & Community Education / Adult Education and Grant Funded Programs (Management)
Program Administrator – After School – Acaletes Learning Coordinator (Management)
Program Administrator – Career Technical Education (Management)
Program Administrator – High School Instructional Specialist (Management)
Program Administrator – Middle School Instructional Specialist (Management)
Program Administrator – Pre-Kindergarten (Management)
Program Administrator – Secondary Education (Management)
Program Administrator – State and Federal Programs (Management)
Program Administrator Office of Family and Community Engagement (Management)
Program Assistant (AFSCME)
Program Assistant, Prevention and Intervention (AFSCME)
Program Educator (CSEA)
Program Manager – Energy Facility Security (Management)
Program Specialist (Management)
Program Specialist – AVID (Management)
Program Specialist – Behavioral Services (Management)
Program Specialist – College and Career Options (Management)
Program Specialist – Curriculum and Professional Learning (Management)
Program Specialist – Educational Equity (Management)
Program Specialist – English Learner Services (Management)
Program Specialist – Expanded Learning (Management)
Program Specialist – Family and Community Engagement (Management)
Program Specialist – Foster Youth Services (Management)
Program Specialist - School Improvement Support (Management)
Program Specialist – Special Education (Management)
Program Specialist – Student Support and Health Services (Management)
Program Specialist – Student Support Center (Management)
Program Specialist – Technology Integration (Management)
Programmer Analyst III (AS)
Project Implementor (CSEA)
Project Implementor – Substance Abuse Prevention Education (CSEA)
Psychologist (PSWA)
Purchasing Assistant I (AFSCME)
Purchasing Assistant II (AFSCME)



Safe and Drug Free Schools Coordinator (EGEA)
Safe Routes to School and Facilities Outreach Coordinator (Management)
Safety and Security Manager (Management)
Scheduling Technician (ATU)
Scheduling Technician – Maintenance and Operations (AFSCME) 
Scheduling Technician II - Maintenance and Operations (AFSCME)
School Nurse (EGEA)
School Office Assistant I (AFSCME)
School Office Assistant II (AFSCME)
School Office Technician (AFSCME)
School Police and Security Dispatcher (AFSCME)
School Secretary, Special Programs (AS)
School Security Specialist I (AFSCME)
School Security Specialist II (AFSCME)
School Site Controller I (AFSCME)
School Site Controller II (AFSCME)
School-to-Career Specialist (EGEA)
Senior Administrative Assistant (Confidential)
Senior Computer Support Help Desk Specialist (AFSCME)
Senior Communications Specialist (Confidential)
Senior Computer Training and Support Specialist (AS)
Senior Construction Manager (Management)
Senior Database Coordinator (AS)
Senior Executive Assistant (Confidential)
Senior Financial Data Analyst (Confidential)
Senior Grounds Worker (AFSCME)
Senior Network Administrator (AS)
Senior Programmer Analyst (AS)
Senior Programmer Analyst – Financial Systems (AS)
Senior Research Analyst (AS)
Senior Technology Application Specialist (AFSCME)
Senior Technology Systems Administrator (AS)
Site Program Administrator (Management)
Site Supervisor – Custodial Services (Confidential)
Site Supervisor – Food and Nutrition Services (Confidential)
Social Worker (PSWA)
Speech Language Pathologist (EGEA)
Speech Language Pathology Assistant (NUHW)
Staff Secretary (AFSCME)
Staff Services Technician (AFSCME)
Student Store Technician (AFSCME)
Student Support Center Coordinator (EGEA)
Supervisor – Facilities Accounting (Confidential)
Supervisor – Fleet Maintenance (Confidential)
Supervisor – Payroll/Benefits (Confidential)
Supervisor – Purchasing (Confidential)
Supervisor – Transportation (Confidential)
Supervisor – Warehouse (Confidential)


Teacher (EGEA)
Teaching Associate – Bilingual Translator/Interpreter (CSEA)
Teaching Associate – General (CSEA)
Teaching Associate – Infant/Toddler Program (CSEA)
Teacher, Special Education – Deaf and Hard of Hearing (EGEA)
Teacher, Special Education – Mild/Moderate (EGEA)
Teacher, Special Education – Moderate/Severe (EGEA)
Teacher, Special Education – Self Contained Class/Emotionally Disturbed (EGEA)
Teacher, Special Education – Self Contained Class/Independent Life Skills (EGEA)
Teacher, Special Education – Visual Impairments (EGEA)
Team Lead – Maintenance (AFSCME)
Team Leader – Grounds Worker (AFSCME)
Technology Application Specialist I (AFSCME)
Technology Application Specialist II (AFSCME)
Technology Application Specialist III (AFSCME)
Technology Integration Manager (Management)
Technology Integration Support Specialist (EGEA)
Technology Integration Support Specialist – Professional Development (EGEA)
Technology Operations Manager (Management)
Technology Planning Specialist (AS)
Technology Systems Administrator I (AS)
Technology Systems Administrator II (AS)
Technology Systems Administrator III (AS)
Textbook Assistant – Education Center (AFSCME)
Theater Productions Specialist (AFSCME)
Theater Technician (AFSCME)
Tobacco Use Prevention Education Coordinator (EGEA)
Transition Specialist (EGEA)
Transportation Office Technician (ATU)