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Salary Schedules

Administrative Support – EGBEST of EGTEAMS
Salary Schedule 26 and 27
Adult Education
Salary Schedule 9
AFSCME – American Federation of State, County Municipal Employees
Salary Schedule 21
AFJROTC – Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
Salary Schedule 7
ATU – Amalgamated Transit Union
Salary Schedule 20
Certificated/Classified Response to COVID-19  Expanded Learning
Salary Schedule 4 and 40
Certificated, Represented by EGEA – Elk Grove Educators Association
Salary Schedule 10 and 17
Classified Adjunct Duty
Salary Schedule 25
Classified Support Personnel (Timesheet)
Salary Schedule 24
CSEA – California School Employees Association
Salary Schedule 23
EGBEST of EGTEAMS – Confidential and Supervisory
Salary Schedule 22
EGAT and EGBEST of EGTEAMS – Management
Salary Schedule 18 and 28
NUHW BSS MHT - National Union of Healthcare Workers (Behavior Support Specialists, Mental Health Therapists)
Salary Schedule 30 and 35
NUHW OT PT COTA - National Union of Healthcare Workers (Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Certified Occupational Therapist Assistants)
Salary Schedule 32
Nurse and Speech & Language Pathologists
Salary Schedule 08
Psychologists and Social Workers
Salary Schedule 12 and 13
Stipend Matrix For TK/K-3 and Grades 4-6 Class Size and Overloads
Overload Matrix MOU
Certificated Substitute Compensation Rates
Compensation Rates (Effective - June 16, 2023)