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2024 Benefit Information

The Payroll Department handles a range of services for the employees of the Elk Grove Unified School District. This page offers information and forms to employees related to their benefits.
Open Enrollment for 2024 was from October 9, 2023 - November 3, 2023 and is now closed. 
All changes are subject to approval from the Benefits Department. Most mid-year changes require a qualifying event (i.e. marriage, divorce, newborn/adoption/legal guardianship, student status change, loss of coverage). You will have 60 days from the qualifying event to complete the changes online using Benefit Bridge ( Proof of the qualifying event will be required with your enrollment and can be attached online. For more details about what documentation will be required, please contact the Benefits Department by phone at (916) 686-7778 option 4 or by email:
Virtual Benefits Fair Website

Health Benefits (Medical, Dental & Vision)

Health Benefits (Medical, Dental & Vision) The Elk Grove Unified School District offers health benefits to qualified employees and their eligible dependents. For qualifications of benefited employees, please refer to the Union Contracts. Employees who receive medical benefits through EGUSD have the opportunity to earn an Employee Wellness Rebate. For more information, please visit the “Your Health, Your Choice” wellness rebate webpage.

Standard Dental & Vision Coverage

Employee Monthly Share – 20% (per month over 12 months)
*Includes the Standard Plan for Dental & Vision Coverage

Healthcare Provider Employee Only Employee +1 Dependent Employee +2(+) Dependents
Kaiser Permanente $218.88 $437.84 $619.49
Sutter Health Plus (inc. TruHearing) $168.66 $337.02 $476.70
Western Health Advantage $60.60 $121.40 $172.02
VSP Vision $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Delta Dental Premier $0.00 $0.00 $0.00


The Elk Grove Unified School District offers three HMO medical plans for eligible employees to choose from along with the opportunity to waive medical insurance if they are currently enrolled in an alternative insurance. 
EGUSD does not allow married EGUSD employees to be double covered on medical. One spouse must waive their medical.
Kaiser Permanente
(800) 464-4000
Sutter Health Plus (SHP)
(855) 315-5800
Western Health Advantage
(888) 563-2250


The Elk Grove Unified School District offers dental coverage through Delta Dental. For details about the plan, please refer to the Coverage Summary below.
Delta Dental
(866) 499-3001


The Elk Grove Unified School District offers vision coverage through Vision Service Plan (VSP). For details about the plan, please refer to the Coverage Summary below.

Cash Waivers

Cash Waiver payments of $125 per month will be made to employees who opt to waive medical insurance due to alternative medical coverage. Proof of alternative coverage, via a District Waiver Form and proof of coverage (copy of ID card), must be completed, signed, and submitted every year during Open Enrollment per IRS Section 125.
EGUSD employees on the highest cost plan whose spouses waive medical insurance through EGUSD will have their premium reduced to the lowest cost plan. Spouses that waive must renew their waiver each year during Open Enrollment to qualify. (Both members must be an EGUSD benefited employee, or a benefit qualified EGUSD Retiree)

Section 125 Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Flexible spending accounts (FSA) are a tax-advantaged way to pay for qualified out-of-pocket health care expenses and work-related day care expenses. This benefit allows employees enrolled in Elk Grove Unified School District Group Health Benefits to pay expenses with “pre-tax” dollars. The information summary will detail how the program works and what expenses are eligible. Enrollment in the FSA program can only occur at time of employment or during Open Enrollment. All employees participating in the FSA program must renew their account every year during Open Enrollment to continue the deduction. All enrollments or changes take place with Navia Benefit Solutions using the online enrollment with Benefit Bridge. Please visit to enroll. Please contact them at the number listed below for more information.
Navia Benefit Solutions
(800) 669-3539

Benefit Notices

Group Life Insurance

For benefit eligible employees, the Elk Grove Unified School District offers a Basic Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance Plan through Voya.
The beneficiary form below should be completed when an employee becomes benefit eligible and should be updated as needed. In the unfortunate event of an employee’s death, the district will refer to this form to provide payments of specific Death Benefits to surviving beneficiaries.
Along with the Life Insurance plans, Voya also offers other services such as Funeral Planning and Travel Assistance. 

Tax Deferred Programs

The Elk Grove Unified School District offers two types of voluntary tax deferred retirement plans to participate in through payroll deduction. Employees may contribute to one or both programs listed below. For more information on both programs, please visit the websites below.
All enrollments and changes are processed on this website or by calling this number.
How to Navigate CalSTRS 403(b) Comply Website
For distributions, rollovers, and transfers, please use the above website or use the following forms.
For Withdrawal Request information, please use the following forms.

Steps to Retirement

Elk Grove Benefits Employee Retirement Trust
In July of 1995, the Elk Grove Unified School District and the unions representing the employees formed Elk Grove Benefits Employee Retirement Trust (EGBERT) to provide post-retirement health insurance benefits. Please read the Summary Plan Description for details of the trust and the qualifications for eligibility.
Employees who are within two years of retirement and wish to request a current count of health benefited months as an EGUSD employee, please complete the form below and submit to the Payroll Department.


Active employees have access to disability benefits based on their classification and/or bargaining unit.  All bargaining unit groups except EGEA (Elk Grove Educators Association) participate in State of California, Employment Development Department State Disability Insurance.  EGEA members may participate in The Standard Insurance through the California Teachers Association.

Benefits Staff Directory

Manager: Vacant
Supervisor: Summer Mitchell
For questions regarding your benefits you should contact the Payroll Department at (916) 686-7778, Option 4 or by email: