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EGUSD COVID-19 Dashboard

This EGUSD COVID-19 Dashboard provides current EGUSD COVID-19 reported positive cases associated with schools and District office locations. The data reflects only staff and students who were present on an EGUSD school or work site. If a school is not listed in the COVID-19 Dashboard, they haven’t had any reported positive cases on campus. Positive and quarantine cases for staff and students who were not on-site are not included in this data. Data will be updated every day by 10:30 a.m. 

Multiple Ways to View Dashboard Data

  • Click on the SITE name below for focused data view of individual sites.
  • Use the YEAR and MONTH menus to select historical data.
  • Use the GROUP and/or SCHOOL TYPE sections to filter data.
  • CTRL + click allows for multiple selections/filters.
  • Use EGUSD’s 7-Day Average Case Rate graph slider bar to view current and past case rate.
  • Click the RESET VISUALS button to return to default data.

FAQs - EGUSD COVID-19 Dashboard

FAQs - EGUSD COVID-19 Dashboard

What happens if we do not want our child tested?

If they choose not to test they must quarantine at home for the 10 day period.

Can I test my child at home with a rapid test?

In consultation with the Sacramento County Health Officer, if a student is symptomatic and tests negative with a rapid antigen test, it could be a false negative, therefore, SCPH states that you must follow up with a PCR test to confirm the negative rapid test results. Your child must remain at home until they receive a negative PCR test result.

Can my child swab her own nose at the school site or does it have to be a nurse that does it?

All our testing at school sites are self administered, so students self swab under the directions from the health staff on campus.

How does EGUSD obtain COVID-19 case data?

COVID-19 positive cases are reported to the school and/or the District Health Coordinator or school nurse in the following ways:
  • Individuals self-report based on a positive test or symptoms (individuals are encouraged regularly via school/District communications to self-report).
  • A student or staff member becomes symptomatic while at school and is sent to the COVID-19 Symptom Isolation room and tests positive.
  • Sacramento County Public Health (SCPH) notifies the school or District about a confirmed positive case based on county/state contact tracing measures.

When was my student exposed to COVID-19?

When the school calls to schedule the COVID-19 test, they will be able to inform you of the last day of exposure. 

What should I do if my student has been exposed to COVID-19?

Please visit Sacramento County’s website for information on what to do if you or your student has been exposed to COVID-19.

When will I receive a follow-up call regarding my student’s exposure? 

You can expect the call in 24-48 hours depending on school site staffing. Please know that our contact tracer volunteers are doing the best they can to notify families in a timely manner. 

My student is fully vaccinated. Do I need to show proof of vaccination?

Showing proof of vaccination is not required, but it is helpful for the school. If you wish to voluntarily show proof of vaccination, please contact your school site office. 

My student who was exposed to COVID-19 has siblings at other schools. Do they all need to quarantine? Will the other schools be notified?

As long as the student who was a close contact to a positive case does not have symptoms and has not tested positive, other siblings in the house who have not been in close contact to a positive case do not have to quarantine. If there is a positive case within a family, EGUSD notifies schools if siblings must quarantine at home. 

Will the school or district let me know who my child came in contact with? 

Information regarding individuals with COVID-19 symptoms, close contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive or individuals who have tested positive is confidential information.