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The 2022-2023 EGUSD School Site Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) summary reports are available by clicking on the PDF links below that correspond with each school. The full length reports are available upon request. If you wish to receive a hard copy report, please make the request to your school office or School Improvement Support, Room 214, Robert L. Trigg Education Center. A full length LCAP in Spanish can be made available or you can ask for an interpreter.
  • Si usted necesita apoyo comprendiendo este documento, por favor llame al (916) 793-2953, extensión 67099.
  • Nếu bạn cần trợ giúp để hiểu tài liệu này, xin vui lòng gọi số (916) 793-2953, đường dây nối kết 67093.
  • Yog koj xav tau kev pab kom nkag siab thiab totaub daim ntawv, thov hu rau (916) 793-2953, extension 67101.

2022-2023 School Site LCAPs